Business plan & business case analysis

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Successful entrepreneurs continuously work on new plans. Plans that help the products and services match the needs of customers even better. And plans that guarantee the continuity and profitability of the company. What do all these entrepreneurs have in common? They all started with the basis: a reliable business case analysis. Such an analysis answers a commercial key question: is the market eagerly awaiting your (new) products and services?

From business case to business plan

Whether it is about the introduction of a new product, international expansion or tapping into a new target group: it is important to know whether your plans are feasible, financially, organizationally and commercially. Therefore, a good business case analysis forms a basis for further growth. If there is a business case, it is important to translate this to a convincing and well-founded business plan. That is because often you need the support of others, such as employees, commissioners, investors or financiers.

Our approach

Are your products sufficiently distinctive compared with the competition? Market and client research can answer this question. Subsequently, the question arises whether you are capable of realising the plans: do you have good employees, the best suppliers and is the organisation equipped for further growth? And, finally, it has to be clear that you are also going to make money with the new plans: which revenue model do you adopt and how do the costs remain manageable? A good business case and business plan require an integral approach: commercially, organizationally and financially.

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