How can we help you realise your ESG ambitions

ESG Hoe Kunnen Wij U Helpen Met Uw ESG Ambities

Baker Tilly can guide you through the whole ESG process. From strategy to execution. You can find an overview of our ESG products and services, below.

  • Training and creating awareness - Through training and raising awareness, you can teach your employees what ESG is, what rules and initiatives exist in the field of ESG, and what the risks and opportunities of ESG are for your employees and your business.
  • Strategy and transformation - Your ESG strategy determines the direction of your organisation, provides a clear framework for making sustainable choices, and helps determine the success factors for growth.
  • Monitoring your CSR maturity - By periodically assessing your CSR maturity, you can measure whether you are making the progress that you want on the seven themes of CSR: good governance, human rights, labour relations and conditions, your environment, good business practices, consumer issues, and engagement with society.
  • Reporting and communication - Use your reporting to analyse and improve, starting from your strategic objectives. The reports also enable you to communicate with your stakeholders and inspire them.
  • Assurance - Certainty regarding your reports in order to further improve your reporting, and provide your stakeholders with convincing evidence.
  • Certification - Certification of the CO2 emissions of your CSR processes (ISO 26000) increases the quality and reliability of your ESG strategy and information, meaning that you can set yourself apart from your competitors.
  • Tax strategy - A sustainable tax strategy makes you a financially reliable and stable organisation. As a member of society, you contribute your fair share in order to maintain that society of which you are a part.
  • Developing a vigorous and diverse HR policy - A vigorous and diverse HR policy contributes to the retention of human capital for your business. Retaining your employees (longer) is essential in the current tight labour market, and contributes to being an attractive employer.
  • Dashboarding and data collection - Ensure that your data becomes information and contributes to the realisation of your objectives and strategy. With good data collection and dashboarding, you will always have timely insight into the information that is relevant for your business, allowing for easy adjustments.
  • Assessing your intangible capital - Customer loyalty, the ability to attract talent, and innovation: these key factors for achievements and competitiveness constitute the intangible capital of your organisation, and contribute to its value. A value that is not always reflected on the balance sheet. We highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your assets (e.g. customers, brand, know-how and teams) and evaluate these in euros.

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