Why you should start with ESG today

ESG Waarom U Nu Aan De Slag Moet Met ESG

Nowadays, the success of your organisation is not only determined by profit but also by the positive social and environmental impact of your organisation. When assessing the success of your business, your stakeholders increasingly take into account factors such as energy consumption, your impact on the climate, the health and safety of your employees, and good governance.

ESG is about finding a balance between financial results, transparency, social interests, and the environment, without losing sight of the overall picture. This balance will lead to better results for both your business and for society.

Creating value

ESG is about creating value for yourself and your stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment. A tailor-made, well-thought-out and properly executed ESG strategy can help you to achieve your sustainability goals. With attention and care for the world around you, you will have a positive impact.

Having an ESG strategy is the starting point for a more sustainable business, and can boost the trust of your stakeholders.

An ESG strategy consists of three parts:

  • Environment: What is the environmental impact of your business and how do you deal with this? For example: greenhouse gases, deforestation, climate change, and waste.
  • Social: How does your business treat people? Important themes include diversity, inclusivity, labour conditions, health and safety.
  • Governance: How is your business governed? Attention is paid to topics such as the remuneration policy, what your business does to combat corruption, and whether you have a transparent and socially responsible tax policy.

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