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ESG Ontdek De Stappen Om Een ESG Programma Te Ontwikkelen

Increasingly, ESG is receiving the attention it deserves. Nevertheless it is a topic in development, which means we see that it is challenging for businesses to develop, assess, implement and maintain ESG programs. We are happy to help you in every stage of your ESG journey. Whether you have just started the process or it has been underway for some time now.

Depending on your question, we will go through the following steps with you:

1. Identification and prioritisation of material topics

  • Identification of risks and opportunities
  • Relationship with stakeholders
  • Baseline / gap analysis

2. Determining strategy and setting objectives

  • Drawing up internal ESG objectives
  • Drawing up a business case and roadmap
  • Determining KPI objectives and benchmarks

3. Data collection

  • Collecting ESG data
  • Analysing data

4. Reporting

  • Quantification and context
  • Drawing up integrated reports

5. Evaluation and adjustment

  • Audit of non-financial, integrated reporting
  • Evaluation and adjustment

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