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International trade, foreign companies with a supply chain going through the Netherlands, are often confronted with Dutch VAT and compliance obligations. Baker Tilly VAT Compliance can help you with these compliance requirements. In this way you have more time for your business and international trade and you can benefit from some great VAT advantages.

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Your company needs a tax representative in the Netherlands when it performs one or more of the following activities:

  • Importing goods into the Netherlands using a VAT deferment license
  • Transactions involving excisable goods in an excise warehouse
  • Transactions and storage of goods in a VAT bonded warehouse
  • Performing distance sales in the Netherlands by a non-EU company

Cash flow advantage

When importing goods from a non-EU country into the Netherlands, immediate payment of import VAT is required. You can reclaim this VAT payment in your VAT return. The disadvantage is however that this process can take up to a few months. Meaning your cash flow gets influenced in a negative way.

With an import VAT deferment license (article 23 license), your company is able to import goods into the Netherlands without paying VAT. Instead, the import VAT can be reported and deducted in the same Dutch VAT return. On balance there will be no VAT payment which gives your company a cash flow advantage. Baker Tilly VAT rep can assist you with the request and implementation of this VAT deferment license.

How can we help you?

Appointing Baker Tilly VAT Compliance as your company’s tax representative gives your company many other advantages:

  • Dutch VAT registration. Your company might be required to obtain a Dutch VAT identification number. We take care of the registration procedure.
  • VAT related compliance obligations. We take care of all VAT related compliance obligations associated with business practices and international trade in the Netherlands. We prepare and file VAT returns, EU Sales Lists and Intrastat (CBS) returns for your company.
  • The application of the 0% VAT rate for supplies of excisable goods such as minerals/oils.
  • The application of the 0% VAT rate for supplies of goods in a VAT bonded warehouse.
  • Contact Dutch authorities. We maintain close contacts with the Dutch tax authorities and the Dutch Intrastat authorities (CBS) on your behalf.
  • High quality checks. Since the work is done by our VAT specialists, VAT issues will be detected quickly. Where possible, we help you prevent or resolve these issues in order to avoid additional assessments, penalties and interest.

Tax mapp

In our unique app: the Tax Mapp, you will find both the latest worldwide tax news and complete current tax overviews per country. The Tax Mapp can be downloaded for free from the App store and the Google Play Store.

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