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Your e-commerce business grows and your sales transactions exceed the threshold values of the EU member states for distance sales. This means that you must deal with VAT registrations and declarations in several EU countries. Baker Tilly has developed an e-commerce VAT portal with which we can affect the fast, accurate and automated processing of your European VAT obligations. Request more information about this VAT tool from your VAT advisor; of course, with no strings attached.

TCF framework

Tax risk management is becoming increasingly important. All the more so now that the tax authorities often expect that companies can demonstrate that they are managing their tax risks. Depending on the size of your company, is one of the requirements of the tax authorities is that a Tax Control Framework (TCF) be set up. A TCF is a system of processes and internal control measures with which your company obtains an overview of the tax risks and can manage these effectively. With a TCF, fiscal opportunities for your business can also be outlined. A TCF must be set up through a structured approach. Baker Tilly can help you determine and implement the steps to set up a TCF.

VAT optimisation of your ERP system

Some ERP systems have not kept up with the emergence of new business models. This means that the basic functionality of the ERP system is no longer sufficient to fulfil all VAT obligations. Without the correct VAT codes, mainstream ERP systems are not able to process information correctly. Practical solutions must be found within the existing VAT processes of the ERP system in order to manage VAT. Our VAT advisors are aware of these problems and we would be pleased to work with you to find solutions.

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