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About Baker Tilly

Your trusted advisor

We are Baker Tilly. More than an accountancy and consultancy firm. We provide relevant answers to questions that concern our customers. From questions about valuation to taxation, from sustainability to business succession and acquisition and from reorganization to data analysis. With a focus on SMEs (family) businesses and the public sector.

Local and global

Our offices in the Netherlands work together under the name Baker Tilly, but with a strong local connection. We do not give general advice: we always consider your specific circumstances and local details. In addition, we have access to the expertise your growing business needs, thanks to the Baker Tilly International network.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our ambition is to be the partner and advisor when it comes to achieving impact in the field of sustainability and the environment, society and governance (ESG). How do we arrive at the best practical advice? By always being involved in CSR ourselves.

Our Mission and Vision

We enable our clients to be successful now and in the future by contributing to solving financial and related issues in a socially responsible manner from a personal relationship. We've been doing that since 1914.

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Our values


High-quality services and advice that genuinely benefit the customer.


Based on optimism, we see opportunities that we capitalize on by acting quickly.


We do not give vague recommendations, but direct advice based on facts and experience.


We connect to our customers, to each other and to society.


We provide pragmatic and challenging advice from a helicopter view.

970 Employees
in the Netherlands
12 Locations
in the Netherlands
110 Years
of experience

Baker Tilly International

Baker Tilly (Netherlands) N.V. is a member of the international network of Baker Tilly International Ltd. This network includes more than 120 like-minded but independent organizations in 145 countries and a total of nearly 39,000 professionals. The offices are similar in terms of professional quality, culture and customer focus and together form an accountancy network that is one of the ten largest in the world. Together we focus on providing top quality accountancy, tax and advisory services.

Baker Tilly International

Our board

Baker Tilly's board of directors ensures sound and controlled business operations and promotes a quality-oriented corporate culture in which the public interest of the accountancy function is paramount.

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Our company

The history of Baker Tilly in the Netherlands goes back to 1914, when the first predecessor of the modern Baker Tilly was founded in Nijmegen. Since then, our company has grown in more than a hundred years to become one of the ten largest accountancy and consultancy firms in the Netherlands.

More about our company

Baker Tilly Awarded Best SME Consulting Firm in 2022

The capabilities of Dutch consultancies are assessed based on services in the SME sector, the opinions of clients and consultants active in the industry, reputation, analyst benchmarks, awards and recognitions, online footprint, knowledge leadership and more. From this, Baker Tilly emerged at the top of the list, with a Diamond level ranking.

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Quality is the main foundation on which our services rest. It forms the base of the relationship of trust we build with our clients and the public. Trust and quality go hand in hand. That is why we do everything we can to deliver our services to the highest standards.

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Code of conduct and whistleblower procedure

To ensure that our staff acts ethically, Baker Tilly has a code of conduct that functions as the guiding principle for all partners and members of staff. This code of conduct guides our quality-oriented and learning culture and the way we act. It serves as the basic premise from which to create the right balance between the client’s interest, the organisation’s interests and public interest.

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Supervisory Board

On behalf of the company’s shareholders, the Supervisory Board oversees Baker Tilly’s management. It consists of three external members who are appointed for a period of four years.

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