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For whom

At Baker Tilly, our focus is on being the best, most trusted consultant for SMEs and certain specific sectors. Based on our ties with the region, we also pay particular attention to family businesses and directors and major shareholders. Whether it concerns sector-specific knowledge, major changes in your industry or the long-term vision that you have for your business, we always take your unique circumstances into account.

Directors and major shareholders

As the director and major shareholder, it’s down to you to keep all the balls in the air. With all the challenges coming your way, you could use some advice on matters ranging from strategy to the practical organisation of your business. As consultants, we are also happy to help arrange your succession and pension properly.

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Family businesses

Family businesses combine running a company, ownership issues and the allocation of the roles in the family all in one. Standing united is what makes family businesses strong. Our experience has taught us that both sound advice and moral support can be invaluable.

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(Large) SMEs

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly looking for opportunities to grow and, as an owner, you are responsible for your staff and many other matters. At Baker Tilly, you will find all the specialisms under one roof that you need to keep your business running smoothly, with advice and services for managing your financial accounts to formulating a sustainability strategy.

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Housing associations

As a housing association, you are helping to build houses for millions of people in the Netherlands. Because it’s in the public interest, you can encounter complicated issues. For example, affordable and sustainable housing requires huge investments, whereas your financial resources as a housing association are limited.

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