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Personal income tax is an almost inevitable fact of life for anyone who lives in the Netherlands or has a Dutch source of income. For some, a simple annual personal income tax return will suffice. However, this tax return can rapidly become more complicated if, for example, you are an entrepreneur for personal income tax purposes. Or if you have significant assets, or are a director-majority shareholder. Having a clear understanding of your tax position is very important. We can provide you and your business with the best personal income tax advice based on our extensive experience.

Tax advice for entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur for personal income tax purposes, you will have to deal with complex regulations. Which specific rules for profit determination apply to you? What about investment facilities? And which costs or expenses are tax deductible? By seeking advice from experienced experts, you will always be aware of your tax position and the tax implications of your decisions. Our advisors can support you with practical advice.

Advice geared to your specific situation

We can keep you informed about changing legislation and fiscal points of attention. Whether it concerns the acquisition or sale of an owner-occupied home, the combination of personal income tax and other taxes for director-majority shareholders, or the personal aspects of family businesses: our experts can clarify the applicable tax legislation. This will help you to know where you stand and what your options are.

  • Entrepreneurship and personal income taxation

  • Sole proprietorship and self-employed professionals

  • Partnerships such as the maatschap or the vof

  • Owner-occupied home

  • The position of the director-majority shareholder


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Corporate income tax advice

Determining the taxable profits in accordance with corporate income tax legislation can be quite difficult. In the process, you must take into account numerous other rules, such as anti-abuse measures, interest deduction limitations and exemption clauses. We can to help you with this.

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International tax advisory services

If your business operates internationally, you may have to deal with various different international tax rules. We would gladly make use of our knowledge and our international Baker Tilly network to help you address any international business and tax issues you may face.

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Tax returns and tax compliance

From periodic or annual tax returns to other reporting or information requirements, individuals and entrepreneurs face more and more tax and other obligations. We can assist you in meeting these obligations and work with you to ensure that you are compliant with the applicable laws and regulations.

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Estate Planning

Are you aware of what your financial position is and whether you will be able to achieve your short- and long-term goals? Our estate planning specialists would be happy to assist you with advice and support in the areas of gifting, inheritance tax, financial planning and business succession.

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Transfer Pricing

Tax authorities in many countries are increasingly turning their attention to transfer pricing and profit allocation. We can advise you on your transfer pricing policies with the aid of i.a. analyses and clear documentation.

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