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Do you need help or advice when preparing your financial statements, or would you rather outsource this work altogether? As an SME, you have a legal obligation to compile financial statements. The period during which annual reports are prepared is hectic and time consuming for many companies. And you would probably much rather be focusing on the core activities of your business. Our experts at Baker Tilly can help you prepare sound and accurate financial statements quickly.

Greater control thanks to a good annual report

An annual report helps you to not only look back at the previous financial year, but also to strengthen your control of your business going forward. We streamline the process of preparing annual reports for you, including your SBR. This saves time and allows you to really guide your company’s future based on accurate figures.

Broad experience

We have extensive experience in preparing financial statements for SMEs. This means that we go further than just guaranteeing that your annual report complies with all current laws and regulations. We also make sure that your financial statements are prepared quickly, giving you clarity and enabling you to increase your returns in the following financial year.

Would you like to have sound financial statements at the touch of a button? The most important condition for this is having balanced online financial accounts, that are kept up to date during the year too.


Discover other specialisations within Accountancy & Advice

Financial reports

Our online tool, VisionPlanner, gives you relevant real-time management information, which is directly linked to your own accounting package or Exact Online. This gives you up-to-date insights into your operating results, thanks to the clear advice and personal contact that you have with your own dedicated adviser.

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Integrated process optimisation for SMEs

How do you cope with rapid developments brought on by new technology and disruptive market conditions? You have to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to market changes if you are going to maintain your raison d’être and hold on to your competitive position. Integrated process optimisation can help you to do this.

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Financial Accounts

Outsourcing your financial accounts can save you a lot of time. Your reporting is then always up to date and at your fingertips. Smart financial accounting saves on labour costs, gives you more control and insight, and offers you opportunities to increase your returns.

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