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Subsidy accountability audit

A subsidy can help you to achieve your ambitions. However, the auditing of subsidies granted to organisations is becoming more formal and authorities are becoming stricter. Government authorities are checking the validity of the subsidies they grant more often. That’s why it’s important that the activities for which you’re receiving subsidies and your financial situation are properly accounted for. A unique aspect of Baker Tilly’s approach is that, from the very beginning of the subsidy process, we consult with you about how to ensure proper, correct and timely accountability. We don’t wait until it’s too late to tell you what’s right and what’s not. Instead, we ensure that you have well-founded arguments why you have a right to receive the subsidies in question. This gives your organisation more stability so that you can focus on achieving your ambitions.

International expertise

Our Subsidy Compliance specialists and auditors work full-time on subsidy compliance projects. They work for subsidy providers like local and national government authorities, the United Nations, the European Commission and the World Bank, as well as for national and international subsidy recipients. Not only are we your auditors, we’re also your knowledge partner.

Our approach

Baker Tilly’s approach to subsidy audits is one that avoids surprises after the event: from the very beginning of the subsidy process, we carefully consider how to ensure correct and timely accountability. We guarantee this based on:

  • our up-to-date knowledge of subsidy schemes;

  • our many years of experience with national and international subsidy audits;

  • the commitment of our specialists to you as our client;

  • our short lines of communication.

The Incentive Scheme for Learning and Development in SMEs (SLIM)

Once again, the government is making funds available in 2023 to encourage SMEs to work on the sustainable employability of their employees. The government is using the Incentive Scheme for Learning and Development in SMEs (SLIM) to support activities that help employers to train and develop their workforce. Entrepreneurs can apply for subsidies for the following activities:

  • screening business operations

  • career and development advice for employees

  • initiatives focusing on methods that encourage employees to develop their skills

  • third learning pathway (apprenticeships)

Get in touch with us and we’ll explain how we can help you to benefit from the SLIM scheme.


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