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Integrated process optimisation for SMEs

Sometimes having separate optimisation processes is not enough: you may need to improve the core of your organisation so that you can move with the times. This may be prompted by rapid developments brought on by new technologies and disruptive market conditions. You have to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to market changes if you are going to maintain your raison d’être and hold on to your competitive position in a competitive environment. Integrated process optimisation can help you to do this.

The implications of a changing market for your business

Changes in the market can have a major impact on your business. Take the coronavirus pandemic for instance: it triggered an increase in workplace regulations, travel restrictions, reduced customer spending, postponed investments and a disrupted supply chain. Similarly, geopolitical developments, like wars or the consequences of climate change, have proven to have a serious impact on operating costs. Responding quickly and flexibly to these changes is essential for your company’s raison d’être and its competitive position.

Is your business flexible enough?

Is your business prepared for this? Have you included flexibility in your plans? Are your underlying business processes watertight when it comes to wastage? Faltering processes lead to problems on the client side (quality of delivery) or on the cost side (efficiency). In addition, processes are becoming less and less static. New applications and/or systems, changes in laws and regulations, changes in the supply chain, internal and/or external controls or strategic decisions may force you to change your processes.

Leader in process optimisation

When we carry out a process optimisation exercise, we look beyond the issues of today. We tackle the optimisation and future-proof development of existing business processes at organisations and we do so at a strategic, executive or support level. This begins with understanding the level of development of the five pillars on which a company’s business operations rest: Strategy and Policymaking, Organisation and Processes, Control and Management, Information Technology and People and Culture.

We help you to realise your potential based on insights into your company’s capacity for improvement. Our SME consultant also monitors processes during specialist advisory programs. 

We also work together and consult with our Advisory colleagues for:

  • companies subject to a statutory audit

  • complex processes

  • government institutions

  • applying LEAN or other methodological approaches


For each assignment, we put together the best team to tackle your company’s issues.


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