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Many companies are working on continuously improving their internal organization. Did you know that the SLIM subsidy can support you in this? SLIM stands for Stimulation Scheme for Learning and Development in SMEs. The SLIM subsidy enables SMEs (and large companies in the agriculture, hospitality and recreation sectors) to invest in the development of their organization and employees with the help of a subsidy.

SLIM subsidy application period

The application period for the SLIM subsidy runs from 1 – 28 March 2024. You can receive a maximum subsidy of EUR 24,999 per project. Don’t hesitate to seize this opportunity!

Find out if you are eligible for the SLIM subsidy with the SLIM tool

You can quickly check whether you are eligible for the SLIM subsidy with our SLIM tool. It takes about 10 minutes to go through it. Our analysis is completely free and we will contact you with the outcome and further possibilities for your company.

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Examples of subsidised projects

  • Developing a job family in combination with a development and assessment cycle.

  • Setting up and developing an HR policy/HR cycle.

  • Conducting a company scan and formulating a new training and development plan. This includes identifying trends and developments, and determining the HR strategy.

  • Enabling departments or business activities to collaborate, so that they can learn from each other.

  • Setting up a talent programme, academy, form of company education system, or other way of sharing company specific knowledge.

Our specialists are happy to help you!

Our specialists are passionate about helping you achieve your goals so that you can focus on your business. For example, we can write the project plan and guide you in the implementation of the project, or we can take care of the entire project implementation for you. We can also put you in touch with our partner who will take care of everything, all the way from application to accountability.

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