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If you are trading internationally, international flows of goods can have major implications for your VAT processing. Examples include importing goods, storing your stock, distributing your products to your sales outlets, or selling goods to consumers in other (EU) countries via your online shop. This also applies if you provide certain services, such as organising an event in another country or providing electronic services, such as streaming services to consumers in other countries.

Depending on your business model, all these activities produce VAT obligations, sometimes across several countries. If these VAT issues sound familiar, then you can count on Baker Tilly to give you high quality VAT advice for companies trading internationally.

International trade in goods

Globalisation, commercial trends and new markets mean that many businesses are operating across borders, which makes their business models very complex. We are happy to help you analyse and streamline the movements of your goods and services, and the VAT implications. There is every possibility that your business model can be improved in terms of VAT.

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Advice and services for e-commerce

New VAT legislation for e-commerce came into effect in the European Union on 1 July 2021. These regulations affect all businesses who are involved in international trade in goods to consumers in the EU. If you sell goods to consumers in the EU, we can help ensure that you are fully abreast of the VAT implications for your business.

In addition, legislation is expected to change in the coming years, and these changes will affect international flows of goods as well as services. It is essential for your business to cater for these changes in good time.

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Discover specialisations within VAT Advice and Compliance

VAT compliance and representation

Baker Tilly is an experienced consultant in the field of VAT compliance and fiscal representation in the Netherlands. At your request, we work closely with your logistics service providers who handle your warehousing, goods handling, distribution and logistics, so that we can ensure that the VAT obligations for your business operations are properly organised.

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VAT tools

All businesses have data about the company itself and its processes. Smart tools make it possible to extract various insights – in terms of VAT too – from this data. Baker Tilly has developed multiple VAT tools that can support your business and its VAT position.

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Customs advice

If goods enter or leave the EU, you have to deal with customs. We can help you to meet all the requirements.

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Domestic VAT advice

Would you like to know more about your VAT position and the rights and obligations applicable to VAT businesses? We are standing by to give you the best VAT advice.

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