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Are you about to decide whether or not to take over a business, or planning to sell your own business soon? In almost every acquisition process, either purchase or sale, the time inevitably comes for the buyer to investigate the company they are looking to acquire. During this investigation (due diligence), the object of the sale is examined more closely to make sure there are no hidden issues. Our broad expertise in due diligence ensures that you will not encounter any surprises, either now or in the future. We can also advise you on how to incorporate these risks into the purchase agreement.

What is the significance of due diligence?

When acquiring a company, how can you ensure you’re not buying a pig in a poke and being saddled with difficulties that you will later have to spend time (and possibly money) solving? You can avoid this by meticulously investigating the company you’re taking over, either yourself or done by a third party. This type of investigation is called due diligence and is an in-depth examination of the company to be acquired, aimed at providing a solid foundation for the decisions to be made during the acquisition process, and identifying any risks.

Due diligence clarifies the strengths and weaknesses of the company you’re thinking of buying, or your own company for that matter. This could affect the purchase price, or the negotiations concerning guarantees or indemnities. At Baker Tilly, we offer you due diligence support in the following areas:

  • Financial due diligence

  • Tax due diligence

  • Legal due diligence

  • HR due diligence

  • IT due diligence

Due diligence for the buyer or seller

2022 transaction overview

In 2022, we advised clients on 153 assignments, ranging from acquisitions and due diligence investigations to valuations and financing options. The total value of the acquisitions came to €233 million, and the average transaction value was €6 million. Our clients operate in a wide range of industries, which we’ve listed below. You can read about these clients in the references, or get in touch with us so that we can discuss what we can do for you.


Discover specialisations within Corporate Finance

About Corporate Finance

Baker Tilly Corporate Finance provides solutions for a range of financial issues. From assistance when buying and selling, to valuations, financing and refinancing, and due diligence. Meet our team and find out how we work.

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Your company can continue to operate provided it has the right financing. We can help you throughout the entire financing process, from a sound plan to reporting.

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Company acquisitions

Thinking of taking over a company? We can help you with everything from finding suitable local or international companies to target, to assessing the risks.

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Selling a business

You want to sell your company: what should you bear in mind? We can advise you on the sale of your business to ensure it proceeds smoothly.

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Valuations are the basis for negotiations and pricing. The result of the valuation is crucial and will help you to make the right decisions. Our specialists are here to help you.

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