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Whether you want to transfer a stake in your company to your children, let employees buy shares, sell your company or are looking for insight into the value of a potential acquisition candidate, valuation is the basis for your negotiations and pricing. It means you can make a properly substantiated and well-founded decision. The advantage of engaging our accredited valuation specialists (certified valuers) is due not only to their broad knowledge of the subject, but also to their personal approach and the transparency of their findings.

Assistance with valuations

Business acquisitions and management buy-ins

You want to take over a company. You’ll soon be asked to make an offer. A good bidding process starts with knowing the value-generating capacity of the company you have your eye on. You analyse the key value drivers, and estimate and substantiate the risks the company is exposed to. Synergy benefits can then be incorporated into modelling in order to reveal the company’s potential for value creation. We examine the figures and provide you with practical advice that you can put to use.
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Selling a business, employee shareholding and management buyouts

You’re thinking about selling off part or all of your business operations. It’s wise to understand the value of your company from the start, so that you can effectively assess the bids. You can also use an independent valuation as a basis in your discussions with employees who are interested in buying a stake in the company.
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Transfers within the family

You’ve always been keen to involve your children or other family members in your company. You may wish to gift some of the shares. A valuation is essential when it comes to determining the amount that will be subject to gift tax. Together with our team’s tax consultants, we are here to assist you and to minimise the risk of an additional tax assessment.

Additional assistance with valuations

Purchase price allocation and impairment assessment

You have bought a company and your accountant has to account for the purchase price in your financial statements. New regulations on acquisitions often require a purchase price allocation (PPA) to be carried out. This involves valuing the tangible and intangible assets and liabilities that have been acquired. An impairment assessment has to be carried out periodically on the resulting goodwill recognised on the balance sheet. During their many years of experience, our consultants have conducted countless PPAs and impairment assessments.

Arbitration and disputes

You’ve become embroiled in a dispute with a co-shareholder, client or another party about the value of a company, equity interest, a business unit or about financial loss. Sometimes these conflicts are unavoidable. Our specialists have broad experience with conducting value assessments or drawing up claim calculations for lawsuits, divorces or similar conflicts. We can act as an expert for one of the parties or as an impartial specialist. You can turn to us if you need an expert’s support or an impartial specialist for economic, financial or quantitative analyses. Based on a thorough fact-finding investigation, we arrive at an independent assessment of your issue, we help you to make well-considered decisions or we give you a properly substantiated supporting arguments that you can use in disputes.

We can also assist in resolving disputes and conflicts with an international aspect. Thanks to our international Baker Tilly network, we can almost always call on professional specialists who know the local market as well as the laws and regulations.

Financial modeling

Whether on your own initiative or prompted by your financier, you may wish to gain insight into the expected development of your company’s liquidity in the coming years. This can be useful for determining whether you might need additional financing, and whether you can continue to comply with existing financing agreements. Perhaps you’ve got various projects on the go and you’ve lost track of the progress of all these different projects. Financial modelling is the answer in all of these cases. Together with you, we examine your situation and set up a model, which you can use and update independently.

2022 transaction overview

In 2022, we advised clients on 153 assignments, ranging from acquisitions and due diligence investigations to valuations and financing options. The total value of the acquisitions came to €233 million, and the average transaction value was €6 million. Our clients operate in a wide range of industries. We’ve listed these industries below. Read about these clients in the references, or get in touch with us so that we can discuss what we can do for you.


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