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IT Advisory

All organisations have to contend with IT issues, including handling data. This introduces risks as well as opportunities for your organisation. Your organisation can only be digitally secure once you understand and can manage these risks. In addition, the advent of digitalisation has had a huge impact on organisations: digital transformation creates new opportunities to move forward as an organisation, for example in terms of efficiency and innovation. We at Baker Tilly IT Advisory can support you in understanding the IT risks that your organisation is exposed to, and maintaining your control over the quality of your IT management. We can also help you to make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalisation.

We are your all-round IT consultant

IT issues in organisations are often complex, while at the same time they are crucial for business continuity. Thanks to our expertise, we can make sure you control and protect the IT and data in your business processes properly, so you can rely on the data and information produced by your IT systems. Besides addressing challenges, we are here to help you take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace and work more efficiently by deploying digital IT solutions. Effective collaboration with our clients is our top priority, and we look forward to taking a co-creation approach to helping you and your employees to achieve your goals.

Our multidisciplinary expertise

Given that IT issues are hardly ever simple, we work with a multidisciplinary team of IT specialists. The Baker Tilly IT Advisory team consists of qualified IT auditors and specialists in IT governance and compliance, privacy legislation, information security, cybersecurity and data/information data analytics.


Discover specialisations within IT Advisory

IT Assurance

As a user or supplier of IT systems, you want to get or give assurance that these systems are properly controlled and secured. Based on assurance reporting, Baker Tilly IT Advisory can help you to demonstrate that your processes are solid, that quality is assured and risks are managed.

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Information management

Baker Tilly IT Advisory can examine your IT environment and give you insight into its quality and potential, as well as areas for improvement. When selecting IT systems, we then look at the balance between the IT organisation, infrastructure, people, processes and costs.

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Data security

Baker Tilly IT Advisory gives you clear insight into privacy-related and other risks, and internal measures, and provides practical advice in the form of baseline measurements or vulnerability scans. We can also help you with developing concrete policies and plans.

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Financial audit support

ICT changes administrative organisation and accordingly, annual audits. Baker Tilly has an IT-driven audit approach that involves deploying process mining, data analysis and investigating system checks and IT general controls, to mention a few.

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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Effective management and insight into your data are important for taking advantage of its value, preventing disruptions and providing accurate management information. We can help you examine and configure data environments including by means of dashboarding, RPA, AI and predictive analytics.

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This is how we help your company

Discover our services. Our committed and experienced experts are glad to be of service with any challenge.

Audit & Assurance

An audit gives you and your stakeholders and society assurance about your company’s figures and your financial statements.

Business Advisory

Business Advisory helps you to achieve your organisation’s goals. Strategic decisions and efficient processes are key to this.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance advisers know how to deal with your business challenges, such as applications for financing, due diligence and acquisitions.

Employment Advisory

Your employees are your most important capital. Our HR consultants, wage tax specialists and employment lawyers can help you to be fit for the future.

Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Sustainability and ESG are important for the future, but they are also essential because sustainability reporting is soon to become mandatory. We’re here to help.

Interim Financials

Looking for temporary staffing solutions? We are a reliable recruitment agency specialized in temporary staffing solutions of finance professionals.

IT Advisory

ICT is indispensable for most business processes when it comes to matters such as security and reliability. We’re here to help you with this.

Legal Advisory

Working together with colleagues from other disciplines, both in the Netherlands and abroad, our legal advisors provide high quality legal advice.

Payroll Services

Want to save time? Outsource your salary administration to us, or rely on our advice to help you handle your payroll records yourself.

SME Accountancy & Advice

Running a business is fraught with challenges. We are your trusted adviser who helps you with difficult decisions and gives insight into your figures.

Tax Services

Do you require advice with taxes? Among others, we can help you with corporate and personal income tax, declarations, Estate Planning and Transfer Pricing.

VAT advice and compliance

Laws and regulations are changing constantly, both at a national and international level. We are happy to assist you with advice on VAT and compliance for your business.