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Whether monthly, quarterly or annually: at some point you will likely be required to file a tax return. This might concern personal income taxes, corporate income taxes, VAT, dividend taxes or a different type of taxation. We can assist you by providing advice beforehand and ensuring the timely filing of required tax returns, and we can help you remain compliant with other tax-related requirements such as transfer pricing documentation obligations.

We can also advise you on filing requests for provisional assessments to reduce or prevent tax interest from being levied, and we can verify the accuracy of your tax assessments.

If a tax assessment is not in line with expectation, and you wish to consider filing an objection to the assessment, we can discuss your options and any points of attention with you.

Sound advice and proactive guidance

The different forms of taxes in the Netherlands can be complicated, and they are subject to change too. New European regulations and case law may for example affect Dutch tax law. With a dedicated tax advisor, you can be sure that you will always be informed of the latest rules and how they may affect your business operations and tax position.

Other taxes and compliance

In addition to personal income tax and corporate income tax, you may face other kinds of taxation such as Value Added Tax (VAT), dividend tax, property transfer tax or wage taxes. Drawing on our comprehensive in-house knowledge, we have the expertise and experience to assist you with all kinds of tax issues. From analyses to tax returns, and from assessments to objections. We offer advice and support in tax matters such as:

Corporate income tax returns

Once the annual accounts have been finalised, the annual corporate income tax return will need to be prepared. We can take care of this for you, and work with you to submit the correct tax return on time. Should any opportunities or points of attention come to light while drafting the tax return, we will of course discuss them with you.

Income tax returns

Our tax advisors can analyse your tax position and discuss any relevant points of attention or new tax rules with you. As an individual, but particularly as an entrepreneur or director-majority shareholder, it is important to have a clear understanding of your tax position when preparing your personal income tax return. This includes checking whether you are making correct use of the tax facilities available to you, and discussing any other matters that may be relevant to you now or in the future.


Discover other specialisations within Tax services

Corporate income tax advice

Determining the taxable profits in accordance with corporate income tax legislation can be quite difficult. In the process, you must take into account numerous other rules, such as anti-abuse measures, interest deduction limitations and exemption clauses. We can to help you with this.

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International tax advisory services

If your business operates internationally, you may have to deal with various different international tax rules. We would gladly make use of our knowledge and our international Baker Tilly network to help you address any international business and tax issues you may face.

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Personal income tax advice

Determining your personal income tax position can become complicated. Especially if, for instance, you are an entrepreneur or a director-majority shareholder, if you buy a house or retire, or if you have significant assets. With the help of our practical and proactive advisory services, you will always know where you stand and what lies ahead.

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Estate Planning

Are you aware of what your financial position is and whether you will be able to achieve your short- and long-term goals? Our estate planning specialists would be happy to assist you with advice and support in the areas of gifting, inheritance tax, financial planning and business succession.

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Transfer Pricing

Tax authorities in many countries are increasingly turning their attention to transfer pricing and profit allocation. We can advise you on your transfer pricing policies with the aid of i.a. analyses and clear documentation.

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