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Do you have a legal issue that is difficult to categorise under the usual headings? We can help you with specific legal issues too. The Legal Advisory Team can help you with various legal matters concerning your business, such as dispute resolution, franchise law, general terms and conditions, general legal scans and so on.

Dispute resolution

If you or your company ends up in a dispute with another party, or things are heading that way, then it’s important to resolve the issue satisfactorily. Consequences such as litigation, claims for damages and reputational harm, are likely to arise. In an effort to manage these things as effectively as possible, the Legal Advisory Team can assist you and guide you through the process.

General terms and conditions

Are your general terms and conditions up to date? This is a question the Legal Advisory Team often ask when providing services to an entrepreneur. General terms and conditions must be drawn up and issued correctly to ensure that they apply to all your agreements. The Legal Advisory Team can draft and/or check your General terms and conditions for you.


Discover other specialisations within Legal Advisory

Contract law

Contract law involves drafting and advising on commercial contracts, compliancy with laws and regulations, and establishing and recording internal relationships at a company and between various stakeholders. Examples include loans, management agreements and current account agreements.

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Corporate law

The Legal Advisory team offers advice on corporate and company law including Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code, governance, legal forms, partnerships and joint ventures, and when establishing internal legal processes.

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

The Legal Advisory team offers assistance for mergers, acquisitions, divisions, split-off/demerger, pre-exits and exits, participations, employee shareholdings, restructuring, management buyouts and buy ins, joint ventures and more.

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Legal Due Diligence

Almost every acquisition process requires research on the target. Our legal experts conduct research on the company’s legal risks and liabilities. The aim is to provide both the buy and sell-side a detailed insight of the company’s legal position and potential liabilities and legal risks.

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Property and tenancy law

This involves providing advice and guidance on property acquisition, drafting or reviewing leases for landlords as well as tenants, corporate clients and private individuals.

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Restructuring and insolvency

Whether you wish to hedge your contracts against the consequences of bankruptcy or need help if bankruptcy threatens: we’re here to help.

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Intellectual property (IP) and privacy

Advice and guidance concerning privacy legislation (GDPR) and intellectual property law (patent law, trademark law, design law, copyright and competition law).

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Employment law

Employment law is dynamic. You therefore want the agreements with your employees to be properly written down. Whether it concerns a new employment contract, contract extension or termination. In those cases where it causes problems between you and an employee, it is important that you are well aware of your own rights and obligations. And those of your employee.

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