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When your company operates in multiple countries you will be dealing with legislation in several countries at the same time. This can be a complicated and time-consuming business: outsourcing or getting advice on the issues may be the solution. Together with our international network, we will make sure that your payroll records are managed properly and transparently. We will set up a centralised administration system that authorised managers can access. We also provide advice on the consequences for your salary administration if a foreign employee comes to work for you (temporarily) or one of your Dutch employee starts working abroad.

The international Baker Tilly network

Baker Tilly International Payroll is part of the Baker Tilly General Mobility service. Besides our international HR and employment law advisers, we employ specialists for international payroll services and have access to a network that spans more than 145 countries across the world.

Baker Tilly International


Discover specialisations within Salary Services

Outsourcing HR and payroll administration

Need a professional HR and payroll administrator? Look no further: we can handle your payroll processing, or part of it, and digitize your HR records.

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Wage expense allowance

Onder de Wet tegemoetkomingen loondomein kunnen werkgevers een tegemoetkoming ontvangen voor personen die zij in dienst nemen. Wij begeleiden en ontzorgen u bij de aanvraag van subsidies gericht op loonkostenvoordelen, lage inkomensvoordeel en no-riskpolis.

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Baker Tilly Payroll Academy

Looking to acquire the right basic knowledge for running a salary administration? Or do you simply want to get the most out of your software? Then you’ve come to the right place: our courses are the solution.

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Salary scan and salary check

If you’re looking for assurance about the quality of your payroll, or you would like to upgrade it, then your organisation will benefit from a salary scan.

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Digitalising HR and payroll processes

Spend less time on your HR processes and payroll, and get useful insights out of your data. We can help you to digitalise and automate your processes.

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AFAS Payroll Consultancy

You can use AFAS HRM & Payroll to automate your HR administration. Need advice? Or looking to outsource your administration completely? We’re here to help

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Absence and leave management in order

As an employer, you want to keep your absenteeism as low as possible while supporting your employees when necessary. Our absence management solution can help you with this.

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