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About us

Code of conduct and whistleblower procedure

To ensure that our staff acts ethically, Baker Tilly has a code of conduct that functions as the guiding principle for all partners and members of staff. This code of conduct guides our quality-oriented and learning culture and the way we act. It serves as the basic premise from which to create the right balance between the client’s interest, the organisation’s interests and public interest.

Code of conduct

External stakeholders have to be able to rely on our work. This is particularly the case when it comes to our audit opinions. Our partners and staff are aware of the constant tension between the client’s interest and the public interest. Our code of conduct is designed to help them prioritise the public interest in their actions.

Download our code of conduct (in Dutch)

Whistleblower procedure

The aim of our whistleblower policy is to ensure that Baker Tilly deals appropriately with reports of alleged wrongdoing made by an employee or a third party. Baker Tilly’s whistleblower policy can be requested by email.

Alleged wrongdoings at Baker Tilly can be reported to:
Baker Tilly (Netherlands) N.V.
Attn: the compliance officer
Postbus 85007
3508 AA Utrecht

You can also send an email to: [email protected].