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At Baker Tilly, we understand that digital developments are rapidly transforming organizations. At the core of these developments, there is a complex web of IT infrastructure and systems. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience it takes to guide you through the complex landscape of applications, cloud environments, infrastructures, technical skills/staff, data, data management and information, and enable you to gain and maintain control.

Our approach is geared to your organisation that involves, for instance, investigating your IT environment and then providing quality insights into its quality and potential, as well as areas in which improvements can be made. We can also help you to choose and implement the right system or manage your cloud and IT environment. We often do this based on the principle of co-creation, in close cooperation with your own employees. Together with you, we make sure you have the relevant information to make your decisions.

IT strategy and IT governance

‘Foresight is the essence of governance.’ This definitely applies to IT issues. Together with your organisation, we like to look ahead to where your organisation will be and what ICT environment and management structure would suit your strategy as well as the steps you need to take to make this happen. We can create a roadmap together with you, to help you reach your destination, as well as a practical vision document and a long-term plan that you can use in the process.

Cloud and management

Modern IT environments are using public and private cloud environments more and more these days. Among the myriad options available, are you able to spot the right solution to help your company manage your systems? What type of cloud would suit you and which management processes match that cloud? We can help you to take the right steps!


Sustainability affects many facets of your company, which includes ICT. For IT sustainability, we consider making data accessible to reveal your carbon footprint, as well as the emissions generated by your own IT environment. Baker Tilly is the leading firm when it comes to helping you navigate the many facets of ESG and improve the sustainability of your business.

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Discover other specialisations within IT Advisory

IT Assurance

As a user or supplier of IT systems, you want to get or give assurance that these systems are properly controlled and secured. Based on assurance reporting, Baker Tilly IT Advisory can help you to demonstrate that your processes are solid, that quality is assured and risks are managed.

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Data security

Baker Tilly IT Advisory gives you clear insight into privacy-related and other risks, and internal measures, and provides practical advice in the form of baseline measurements or vulnerability scans. We can also help you with developing concrete policies and plans.

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Financial audit support

ICT changes administrative organisation and accordingly, annual audits. Baker Tilly has an IT-driven audit approach that involves deploying process mining, data analysis and investigating system checks and IT general controls, to mention a few.

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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Effective management and insight into your data are important for taking advantage of its value, preventing disruptions and providing accurate management information. We can help you examine and configure data environments including by means of dashboarding, RPA, AI and predictive analytics.

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