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Do you know what your financial position is? Will you be able to achieve your short- and long-term goals? Will you be able to retire sooner than expected? And how much tax will your heirs have to pay on your estate? What about gifting to your children, or transferring a business to the next generation? Our estate planning specialists would be happy to assist you when it comes to matters such as gifting, inheritance tax, financial planning and business succession.

Why seek advice?

Gifting assets, getting married or divorced, or making sure your inheritance will be passed on correctly: with a committed advisor at your side, you’ll know where you stand and what your options and their consequences are from a tax perspective. Having a clear understanding of your financial position will help you be prepared for the future. Having clarity about the feasibility of your plans is a reassuring thought.

Consciously manage your assets

Paying attention to estate planning is not a matter reserved solely for large estates. Even if your assets are relatively modest, it is important to take the time to think about your financial position, both now and in the future. Our estate planning specialists advise entrepreneurs as well as private individuals. We discuss and map your personal wishes and circumstances. If you own a business, we can assist you in determining how and when it would be best to transfer the business to your family or third parties.

Our estate planning advisors specialise in financial planning, inheritance tax and gift tax. You can turn to them for advice on:

  • Tax-exempt gifting

  • Gifting to charity (ANBI)

  • Tax implications of marriage

  • Tax consequences of divorce

  • Taxation upon death

  • Tax consequences of the birth of a child

  • Prenuptial agreements and wills

  • Business succession facilities

  • Inheritances


Discover other specialisations within Tax Services

Corporate income tax advice

Determining the taxable profits in accordance with corporate income tax legislation can be quite difficult. In the process, you must take into account numerous other rules, such as anti-abuse measures, interest deduction limitations and exemption clauses. We can to help you with this.

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International tax advisory services

If your business operates internationally, you may have to deal with various different international tax rules. We would gladly make use of our knowledge and our international Baker Tilly network to help you address any international business and tax issues you may face.

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Personal income tax advice

Determining your personal income tax position can become complicated. Especially if, for instance, you are an entrepreneur or a director-majority shareholder, if you buy a house or retire, or if you have significant assets. With the help of our practical and proactive advisory services, you will always know where you stand and what lies ahead.

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Tax returns and tax compliance

From periodic or annual tax returns to other reporting or information requirements, individuals and entrepreneurs face more and more tax and other obligations. We can assist you in meeting these obligations and work with you to ensure that you are compliant with the applicable laws and regulations.

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Transfer Pricing

Tax authorities in many countries are increasingly turning their attention to transfer pricing and profit allocation. We can advise you on your transfer pricing policies with the aid of i.a. analyses and clear documentation.

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