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VAT compliance and representation

As soon as your business is registered for VAT, you are subject to several VAT compliance obligations. It is important to ensure that your VAT returns and related filings are correct and submitted in good time, especially given that you have to do so on a monthly or quarterly basis. Incidentally, this not only applies in the Netherlands. The same is true of all countries where your company is required to file VAT returns and related filings.

In that case, engage the experts with the right skills, knowledge and experience. Baker Tilly is an experienced consultant in the field of VAT reporting in the Netherlands – including general VAT representation – and has many years of experience in dealing with the Dutch tax authorities. At your request, we work closely with your logistics service providers who handle your warehousing, goods handling, distribution and logistics, so that we can ensure that the VAT obligations for your business operations are properly organised.

VAT reporting obligations at home and abroad

The Netherlands has various types of VAT-related reporting obligations for businesses. Apart from the VAT return, filing EU Supplies Lists and Intrastat reporting are mandatory in specific situations if your business trades with other EU Member States. We are happy to help you to comply with these obligations. We can also handle VAT compliance for your company in other countries, by working together with Baker Tilly member firms across the world.

Tax representation

Baker Tilly VAT Compliance (Netherlands) B.V., a subsidiary of Baker Tilly Netherlands N.V., specialises in VAT representation for companies not based in the Netherlands. As a VAT representative, it acts on behalf of foreign businesses for dealings with the tax authorities and assumes responsibility for VAT reporting obligations. For instance, Baker Tilly VAT Compliance (Netherlands) B.V. is pleased to take care of your companies VAT reporting requirements, think of VAT returns, EU Supplies Lists and Intrastat reporting on behalf of VAT non-established businesses. We also handle all correspondence with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and provide foreign businesses with advice on VAT and other matters.

Foreign businesses are required to appoint a VAT representative in certain specific cases. Baker Tilly VAT Compliance (Netherlands) B.V. fulfils its role of VAT representative for many foreign businesses in the Netherlands also in other cases, enabling these businesses to take advantage of a special arrangement on importation, known as the Article 23 licence. This scheme means businesses do not have to pay VAT upfront at the border when importing goods. This is one of the many advantages of trading via the Netherlands as a trade and distribution country!


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VAT tools

All businesses have data about the company itself and its processes. Smart tools make it possible to extract various insights – in terms of VAT too – from this data. Baker Tilly has developed multiple VAT tools that can support your business and its VAT position.

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Customs advice

If goods enter or leave the EU, you have to deal with customs. We can help you to meet all the requirements.

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Advice on international VAT

Looking for advice on international VAT? International flows of goods can have a major impact. We are happy to advise you on VAT processing.

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Domestic VAT advice

Would you like to know more about your VAT position and the rights and obligations applicable to VAT businesses? We are standing by to give you the best VAT advice.

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