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We are Baker Tilly. More than an accountancy and consultancy firm. We provide relevant answers to questions that concern our customers. From questions about valuation to taxation, from sustainability to business succession and acquisition and from reorganization to data analysis. With a focus on SME (family) businesses and the public sector.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to enable our client to be successful now and in the future, by contributing to solving his financial and related issues in a socially responsible manner from a personal relationship.

We are convinced that progress starts with insight. And we promise our customers (and each other) that they are on track for tomorrow. We do this on the basis of our five core values: enterprising, quality, direct, connecting, sharp-witted. Every day this forms the basis of our work. To our customers, each other and society.

Our society

Changes at an increasingly rapid rate, partly due to technology and increased requirements with regard to transparency. In addition, everyone has to deal with issues of sustainability, globalization and responsibility for future generations. In our work we are time and time again aware of the social dynamics in which we and our clients find themselves and we have an eye for this.

Our customer

We offer a reliable adviser who knows him and his organization through and through, who is close to him and who challenges him, who knows how to formulate clearly what questions he has and how these should be placed in the relevant social developments, which give him the required quality and contributes to the sustainable development and success of its organization.

Our professionals

Work intrinsically motivated from a local perspective close to our client, build and nurture a trusting relationship with him, share knowledge and experience nationwide and are connected to our international network. They invest in themselves every day to always be able to offer optimal quality and to continuously develop themselves.

Our values

Who we are and what we do is reflected in our brand. The core values ​​determine what does and what does not suit Baker Tilly. This makes the brand a compass for our people and the core values ​​determine the distinctive character of our organization.

  • Quality
    It is essential that everything we do is of good quality. We always work well prepared and inform ourselves thoroughly and broadly. Quality is the fundamental value for us and thus forms the first anchor value of our brand house. We do not give merely well-intentioned or overly academic advice. We provide advice that genuinely benefits the customer.

  • Enterprising
    We are the entrepreneur next to the entrepreneur. That makes us successful. We ourselves know what entrepreneurship is. That is in our thinking and doing. And in our approach. We are entrepreneurial based on optimism: we see opportunities and capitalize on them by acting quickly. We do not deal with issues routinely or inconsiderately.

  • Direct
    We are direct in our advice that we give. This means that we always speak plain language and remain realistic. We do not give vague recommendations, but advice based on facts and experience. Not bluntly, but directly, so that the entrepreneur always knows where he stands.

  • Connecting
    Connecting means that we are more than just involved. Connecting to our customers, to each other and to society. And because we are empathetic, we know how to make the right connections. We bring in other areas of expertise if that offers added value for the customer.

  • Sharp-witted
    We provide pragmatic and challenging advice from a helicopter view. We look beyond the obvious. With this value as self-esteem, we deliver the quality today and tomorrow that puts and keeps customers on track.