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Employment Advisory

Your employees are your most important capital. As an employer and entrepreneur, you focus on the future, the rapidly changing world and consequently, changing customer needs. We believe that the success of your organization is partly determined by having a clear vision of human resources management. With their multidisciplinary approach, our HR consultants, wage tax specialists and employment lawyers can help you as an employer to be fit for the future, at both the strategic and operational levels.

HR advice and management consultancy

Getting your HR affairs in order is important for both your company and your staff. In this context, we do broad-based consultancy work on the inflow, throughput and turnover of staff at organizations.

Broadly speaking, our services can be categorized as follows:

Strategic advisory services

As the management’s strategic partner, we help companies to achieve their strategic objectives by converting goals into a specific HR strategy and priorities. The result is an HR strategy, corporate structure and culture that match your organization’s general strategy.

HR processes and administration

As HR consultants, we can design a sound HR infrastructure, while at the same time shaping and improving HR operations within your organization. Based on our business process outsourcing concepts, such as our shared HR service center and the outsourcing of HR activities, we offer organizations the benefit of knowledge, capacity and flexibility. The end result are efficient and effectively managed HR processes and HR administration.

Cultural change

Having the right culture in your company will ensure clear communications, a thriving organization, and employees who are happy in their jobs. We help organizations to successfully manage the human side of the change process. Getting people to support the change process, keeping line managers alert and ensuring that the change process goes smoothly are key to this. By carrying out research beforehand into employee satisfaction, lead times for processes and the functioning of the management, we can facilitate the transformation. The result is an effective and supported change in the organization and its culture.

Sustainable employability

We help organizations to improve the contribution that their employees make to the company. We consult with you and examine how you can enhance the motivation and commitment of your staff. By using appropriate HR tools, such as a good onboarding procedure for new staff members, a properly functioning performance management system and a talent programme that is in line with the needs of the organization and its employees, we work closely with you to ensure that your human capital contributes optimally to achieving your organizational objectives. The result is a high level of staff satisfaction and commitment, low absence due to sickness, and properly performing employees who are committed to the organization.

Global mobility

Perhaps your employees are moving from one country to another, or you have or are looking for employees abroad, or you are a foreign organization with Dutch employees. If so, you will recognize that this can create complex situations. We provide services in the field of international employment law, wage tax, tax, social security, HR, permits, and payroll services including their coordination. We can advise and support you by providing insight into your obligations, drawing up policies (such as remote working policies), salary calculations, (TEQ, 13th run, salary splits), conducting entrance and exit meetings, applying for certificates of coverage and the 30% facility, providing expat tax returns and drafting contracts (such as employment and secondment contracts) and employment rules.

Advice on wage taxes

Complying with your obligations regarding wage taxes is essential for you as an employer. We can help you to get clarity on your obligations and help you to meet these requirements. In the process, we are happy to consult with you on optimizing your employment conditions and on other decisions that you are facing. Based on our specialist services and expertise for small and medium-sized enterprises, we can provide you with advice you and take care of your wage tax and social insurance issues. This could include, for instance, work-related expenses schemes, early retirement schemes, transport, freelancers, directors and major shareholders, directors under the articles of association, employee insurance contributions, assistance with due diligence investigations, employee participation and tax control frameworks.

Employment law advice

We provide specialist support for a range of employment law issues that employers (might) have to deal with. These issues include reorganizations, collective and individual dismissals, appointing and/or removing directors under the articles of association, drafting or assessing bonus schemes, flexible employment policies, collective employment law (collective labour agreements/compulsory or company pension funds), employee participation, changing or harmonising employment conditions, non-compete clauses, setting senior executives’ pay and privacy/the GDPR.

While we are always ready to help with any issues you may have in this respect, it is always better for us to be involved from the start. After all, problems can often be avoided by ensuring the basics are in order.

Advisory academy

Our Advisory Academy includes workshops, seminars and training sessions for professionals at various organizations. Whether it is about knowledge of new legislation, the application of regulations or practical workshops, entrepreneurs from all over the Netherlands can turn to Baker Tilly’s Advisory Academy to gain inspiration, and acquire knowledge and information. Not only for themselves, but also for management or other (groups of) employees.

Specialist services and sub-services

This is how we help your company

Discover our services. Our committed and experienced experts are happy to be of service with any challenge.

Audit & Assurance

An audit gives you and your stakeholders and society assurance about your company’s figures and your financial statements.

Business Advisory

Business Advisory helps you to achieve your organisation’s goals. Strategic decisions and efficient processes are key to this.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance advisers know how to deal with your business challenges, such as applications for financing, due diligence and acquisitions.

Employment Advisory

Your employees are your most important capital. Our HR consultants, wage tax specialists and employment lawyers can help you to be fit for the future.

Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Sustainability and ESG are important for the future, but they are also essential because sustainability reporting is soon to become mandatory. We’re here to help.

Interim Financials

Looking for temporary staffing solutions? We are a reliable recruitment agency specialized in temporary staffing solutions of finance professionals.

IT Advisory

ICT is indispensable for most business processes when it comes to matters such as security and reliability. We’re here to help you with this.

Legal Advisory

Working together with colleagues from other disciplines, both in the Netherlands and abroad, our legal advisors provide high quality legal advice.

Payroll Services

Want to save time? Outsource your salary administration to us, or rely on our advice to help you handle your payroll records yourself.

SME Accountancy & Advice

Running a business is fraught with challenges. We are your trusted adviser who helps you with difficult decisions and gives insight into your figures.

Tax Services

Do you require advice with taxes? Among others, we can help you with corporate and personal income tax, declarations, Estate Planning and Transfer Pricing.

VAT advice and compliance

Laws and regulations are changing constantly, both at a national and international level. We are happy to assist you with advice on VAT and compliance for your business.

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