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Auditing financial statements is one of an auditor’s key duties. Quality is our top priority. Our clients are national and multinational organisations ranging in size and operating in various fields. Without compromising our quality standards, Baker Tilly acts as the auditor for directors and major shareholders and family businesses, and we recognise your organisation’s scalability.

Broad knowledge and experience

Baker Tilly audits financial statements at organisations for which specific knowledge is beneficial, such as:

  • Family businesses

  • Multinationals

  • The health care sector

  • The public sector

  • Real estate/housing associations

Auditing your financial statements

Your organisation may be legally obliged to have your financial statements audited. A thorough annual audit also gives your shareholders and other stakeholders the security that your figures are reliable. For this, you need an impartial and expert auditor who stands right behind the audited figures. Moreover, your audit will benefit from being carried out by a team that has expert knowledge of your sector. After all, you need an accountant who understands your organisation and business processes, including the underlying IT systems, and with whom you can work with confidence.

Baker Tilly is an expert and independent accounting firm that delivers quality at the right price. We will make sure that you comply with your legal obligations and that you can stand by the reliability of your figures. We base our audits on an in-depth risk analysis. The results of our findings are set out in our reports and we explain them in person. Our audit teams offer you assurance, and use their expertise to address your issues and monitor developments in the business.


Discover other specialisations within Audit & Assurance

Financial statements review

A review engagement is perfect for situations requiring a certain, limited degree of assurance, but the company is not obliged by law to have a statutory audit conducted. Baker Tilly can assist you with the reviewing of your financial statements, for instance when preparing for a future audit assignment.

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Subsidy accountability audit

The financial ramifications of a subsidy audit that fails to get approved can be significant. Baker Tilly’s approach to subsidy audits is one that helps you know what to expect. We carefully consider with you how you will ensure correct and timely accountability.

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