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You want to grow, to expand your business operations through a takeover, or there is some other reason why your company needs financing. What are the options for corporate financing, and which ones best suit your plans? We offer independent financing advice for SMEs, directors and major shareholders and family businesses, for management participations and employee shareholdings. We understand your needs and those of everyone involved. Together with you, we’ll come up with the best solution for your financing issues.

Starting point for corporate financing

Our consultants focus on providing advice on all aspects of financing, including raising new loans, debt refinancing and balance sheet structuring and restructuring. Regardless of the type of funding you’ve chosen, a sound plan is always the starting point because all financiers want to know why you need the funding and whether your plan is viable.

What kinds of corporate financing are there?

The most common type of corporate financing is a facility at the bank. It could be a revolving credit facility or a loan. The funding could also be based on a government-guaranteed loan for SMEs or an investment from a private individual. Which kind of financing are you most comfortable with? During the first stage of the financing process, we will consult with you to examine which is the best and most feasible situation for you.

What does the financing process involve?

Getting funding doesn’t happen overnight. Sound advice, a large network and assistance with organising the documentation, like a financing memorandum, can facilitate this process. These are precisely the matters that Baker Tilly Corporate Finance can help you with.

We examine your organisation and your financing needs to understand which types of financing and institutions are the best ones for you. We have a wide network of contacts in banks, private equity and mixed finance, so we can find and approach the right organisation for you. Our financing specialists, with years of experience in banking and financing, can also support you when negotiating the terms and the costs.

You’ve got the funding. What now?

After the funds have been successfully secured, financiers often want to see periodic reports on developments at the company and its operating results. Because we know what the various financiers are looking for in this respect, we can support you throughout the term of the financing.

2022 transaction overview

In 2022, we advised clients on 153 assignments, ranging from acquisitions and due diligence investigations to valuations and financing options. The total value of the acquisitions came to €233 million, and the average transaction value was €6 million. Our clients operate in a wide range of industries, which we’ve listed below. Read about these clients in the references or get in touch with us so that we can discuss what we can do for you.


Discover specialisations within Corporate Finance

About Corporate Finance

Baker Tilly Corporate Finance provides solutions for a range of financial issues. From assistance when buying and selling, to valuations, financing and refinancing, and due diligence. Meet our team and find out how we work.

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Due Diligence

Avoid unpleasant surprises: our due diligence investigation will lift the veil on hidden problems. Don’t buy a pig in a poke!

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Company acquisitions

Thinking of taking over a company? We can help you with everything from finding suitable local or international companies to target, to assessing the risks.

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Selling a business

You want to sell your company: what should you bear in mind? We can advise you on the sale of your business to ensure it proceeds smoothly.

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Valuations are the basis for negotiations and pricing. The result of the valuation is crucial and will help you to make the right decisions. Our specialists are here to help you.

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