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Our team

Professional, committed consultants who give you clear and incisive advice: that is what our Baker Tilly Corporate Finance team stands for. Each and every day, our colleagues in Belgium and the Netherlands work closely together: a well-oiled collaboration. Our experts handle a wide range of assignments, which involves acting as a sparring partner to support and guide a diverse portfolio of clients, operating in a broad spectrum of sectors. We support you where possible, but will not hesitate to broach any issues you may have.

Our working method

The primary features of Baker Tilly Corporate Finance’s approach are our short lines of communication and practical advice. We ensure that you, the client, are always kept fully abreast of the status and steps to be taken to achieve the best possible outcome. This often means having intensive, personal contact. By promptly engaging you and providing you with advice where necessary, you can make informed decisions throughout the process, so that we can work together towards the best possible result.

Baker Tilly Corporate Finance provides solutions for a range of financial issues. From assistance when buying and selling, to valuations, financing and refinancing, and due diligence. Meet our team and find out how we work. Do you have a financial issue you would like to bounce off an expert? Feel free to contact us

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Our international network

The M&A sector is no longer active within national borders only. These days, it is increasingly and inextricably linked to the global market. Through our international Baker Tilly network, we managed to find the right buyer for several of our clients undergoing acquisition processes. We also move quickly and efficiently with our international Baker Tilly colleagues around the world to advise our clients on cross-border assignments or even the entire procedure.

Baker Tilly International


Discover other specialisations within Corporate Finance


Your company can continue to operate provided it has the right financing. We can help you throughout the entire financing process, from a sound plan to reporting.

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Due Diligence

Avoid unpleasant surprises: our due diligence investigation will lift the veil on hidden problems. Don’t buy a pig in a poke!

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Company acquisitions

Thinking of taking over a company? We can help you with everything from finding suitable local or international companies to target, to assessing the risks.

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Selling a business

You want to sell your company: what should you bear in mind? We can advise you on the sale of your business to ensure it proceeds smoothly.

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Valuations are the basis for negotiations and pricing. The result of the valuation is crucial and will help you to make the right decisions. Our specialists are here to help you.

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