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A prerequisite for doing business these days is having your IT environment in good order. If you want to provide assurance to your clients and other partners about the internal control of IT, you have to be able to provide the right IT assurance reporting standards. Proactively testing your own internal IT control framework of your activities will give your organisation the opportunity to stand out from the competition. We can assist your organisation by conducting audits and providing the required assurance reports in good time. Our IT auditors are familiar with virtually all national and international assurance standards and are here to help you with all your assurance issues.

Broad knowledge and expertise

As IT auditors at Baker Tilly, we are familiar with virtually all national and international assurance standards. All industries and sectors have their own standards. The familiar standards that we work with include the Single Information Audit Unified Norm, the requirements of the Dutch Police Data Act, the government information security baseline, ISAE 3000, ISAE 3402 – SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, and SOC for Cybersecurity and the Dutch Association of Registered EDP Auditors’ Privacy Control Framework.

Our assurance services


Discover other specialisations within IT Advisory

Information management

Baker Tilly IT Advisory can examine your IT environment and give you insight into its quality and potential, as well as areas for improvement. When selecting IT systems, we then look at the balance between the IT organisation, infrastructure, people, processes and costs.

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Data security

Baker Tilly IT Advisory gives you clear insight into privacy-related and other risks, and internal measures, and provides practical advice in the form of baseline measurements or vulnerability scans. We can also help you with developing concrete policies and plans.

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Financial audit support

ICT changes administrative organisation and accordingly, annual audits. Baker Tilly has an IT-driven audit approach that involves deploying process mining, data analysis and investigating system checks and IT general controls, to mention a few.

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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Effective management and insight into your data are important for taking advantage of its value, preventing disruptions and providing accurate management information. We can help you examine and configure data environments including by means of dashboarding, RPA, AI and predictive analytics.

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