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In 2014 we celebrated our 100 year anniversary. Together with our customers and as a result of the collaboration between our 18 branches and our strong international network. Over the past hundred years, both our employees and our relations made our firm what it is today. We could in fact say that everyone here who was part of this was also celebrating an anniversary.

Baker Tilly was founded in 1914. Over a century later we have grown to become one of the top ten accountancy and tax consultancies in the Netherlands. During the past hundred years we operated under different names and logos. One thing did not change however: the wide variety of people and clients. Let us take a look back.

Founder: Mr C.A.A. Vekemans

After working for 14 years in Nijmegen, Mr Vekemans decided to collaborate with Mr H. Bothof, an accountant based in Arnhem. The new name of the office became Vekemans & Bothof, accountants.

1941: Mr Berk joins the firm

When Mr Berk, with his office in The Hague, joined the partnership, this involved another name change. Initially, the name became Vekemans, Bothof & Co, accountants and was later changed to Vekemans, Bothof & Berk, accountants.

1945: fourth name change

When Mr Bothof left the partnership, it continued under the name of Vekemans & Berk, accountants. In 1953, Mr Berk left the partnership to continue his career at Berk Kampen, a family-run business in Kampen, well-known under the name BK as a pot and pan producer.

1980s: first wave of mergers in the accountants’ world

Vekemans and Berk consciously chose to continue independently. A separate branch was established for tax advice (Ypenburg & Co) and a special accounting consultancy branch (Hendriks 't Hooft & Co).

1992: name change to Accountants & Belastingadviseurs (Tax consultants) Berk

With this complete name change, the name of Vekemans was dropped. In 2001, yet another small change was made: the official name of our organization became Berk, where necessary followed by the addition of Accountants & Belastingadviseurs. Since 1 January 2008, the legal form of Berk has been changed to a public limited company.

1 February 2011: Baker Tilly Berk

A name which does justice to our position on the international and national market. It is true that we operate on a close regional level and everywhere in the Netherlands. However, we are above all an internationally collaborating organization. The form of collaboration is a network of likeminded organizations, represented by 156 independent offices in more than 130 countries. Offices which are similar with regard to the professional quality, culture and customer focus. Together we form an accountants’ network which is one of the ten largest in the world. Baker Tilly Berk can engage the independent members of Baker Tilly International worldwide, for example when local expertise is required in the field of accountancy or tax laws. The original contact of the customer coordinates the international working activities.

All the members of the network meet the quality requirements of Baker Tilly International: this means that a high quality provision of services is guaranteed. Each member of Baker Tilly International is a separate and independent legal entity. Baker Tilly International and its members do not bear any liability whatsoever for each other’s services or activities.

2014: 100 years!

In 2014, Baker Tilly Berk celebrated its 100 year anniversary. We made a big celebration of our birthday. With clients and colleagues, as this milestone would not have been possible without the efforts of all our colleagues and the appreciation of our clients.

3 December 2018: Baker Tilly

From December 3rd 2018 onwards Baker Tilly Berk will be called Baker Tilly. Our new name matches our strong international network with local involvement. We will continue to develop in regards to the success of our clients.

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