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The UK is an important market with a population of 63 million people. Doing business in the United Kingdom therefore offers a wealth of possibilities for Dutch companies. Being ‘neighbours’ of each other, companies in the Netherlands and the UK soon find each other and the UK is therefore an ideal location to establish a business.

Brexit: relocating to The Netherlands?

With Brexit becoming a reality and the uncertainties that come with it, it may be wise to relocate your operations. The Netherlands is tailored to help you reach your targets.

The Netherlands has one of the best (digital) infrastructures in the world. Centrally located within Europe with easy accesses to many other cosmopolitan cities like Paris, London and Brussels. Schiphol airport is the third busiest airport in Europe offering excellent connections to other parts of the world. In addition, Rotterdam has one of the largest and busiest harbors in the world, processing around 4 million containers annually. Therefore, the Netherlands is known as the gateway to Europe.

As one of the founding fathers and member of the European Union, the Netherlands offers the advantages the EU provides. These include accesses to the internal market and the protection of free movement of goods and services. Charities and entities that receive subsidies from the European Union could consider relocating to the Netherlands to secure their funds after Brexit.

Doing business in the UK

The UK is one of the largest trading partners of the Netherlands. This means that the investments on both sides are significant. If you do business with the UK, you will not have to deal with a language barrier and you can easily travel back and forth. There are dozens of connecting flights every day from various airports both in the UK and the Netherlands. Furthermore, there is a good train connection via the Channel Tunnel and the crossing by sea is also very short.

In addition, an excellent tax treaty exists between the UK and the Netherlands. This tax treaty prevents companies paying a double taxation and facilitates doing business. If you wish to do business in the UK, we would advise you to contact an advisor who can give you further information about this.

Local advisor

Doing business in the UK begins in the Netherlands. Making local contacts and exploring the market are the starting points for your international adventure. The main advice that we give you is to engage a local partner or advisor.

Strategic alliances

In order to optimize our provision of services within this framework, Baker Tilly has entered into an exclusive form of collaboration with the trade department of the British Embassy, UK Trade & Investment. Furthermore, we are members of the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) and the Professional Accountants in Europe (PAiE). Both strategic alliances optimize our provision of services to companies based in the Netherlands that are active in the UK or UK based companies that are active in the Netherlands.

Baker Tilly International

Our international network provides multiple tax and country guides. You can download the Country Tax Guide Netherlands and Transfer Pricing Country Guide Netherlands on

Doing business successfully?

If you have plans to do business in the UK; we can assist you! Contact the advisors directly at the International Business UK Desk via

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