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Do you wish to do business in Europe or the Netherlands? From the Netherlands as most important hub in Western Europe, you can conquer the European market with our ‘one-stop’. With Amsterdam, Schiphol as main airport hub, and Rotterdam with one of the main ports in the world, the Netherlands is a suitable base for the start of your company in Europe.

Tax facilities for innovation

There are various possibilities for facilitating innovations. The Netherlands has the following available: the Research & Development Tax Deduction (RDA), the wage subsidy scheme (WBSO) and the reduced tax rate on revenue from innovations (Innovatiebox). If you as an American entrepreneur invest in a Dutch company, you can also utilize the innovation facilities. For example, you can receive a subsidy or a tax rebate for developing innovations, or obtain a lower taxation for exploiting an innovation.

Example: Imagine that, with your American company, you invest in a Dutch company. Then it is possible to receive subsidies pursuant to the RDA. In addition, you can reduce the wage costs by means of the WBSO, after which, with the innovation box, you receive a lower rate of taxation when you sell your innovation.

Doing business in the Netherlands

In collaboration with our advisors in the USA, you receive advice from us about the appropriate company structure and possibilities. The International Business Help Desk USA advisors can help you further in the area of audit, tax, compliance, pay-roll, legal advice and expat services. The Netherlands is not just suitable due to the advantageous tax system, but it is also suitable as a starting point for exploring Europe.

Tax advantages

The Netherlands has an excellent international network of treaties. This means that if you as an entrepreneur set up business in the Netherlands, you are not eligible for source taxation or you are eligible for a lower source taxation for a dividend. In the Netherlands, no source tax is applied to royalties and interest. You can use the Netherlands as a conduit, by efficiently streamlining your worldwide cash flows in interest, dividend or royalties tax, so that double taxation is at least avoided.

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Our international network provides multiple tax and country guides. You can download the Netherlands Country Tax Guide, Netherlands Transfer Pricing Guide and Netherlands Indirect Tax Guide on


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