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The world is changing. The use of technology is increasing rapidly, and the amount of data which is generated within organisations is growing exponentially. It has been proven that data-driven businesses outperform traditional businesses. By using this data, you can better analyse performances within your organisation, and manage your business in a more targeted manner. Increasingly, data is also used to make predictions about the future (predictive analytics), for example about social developments, market developments or other trends.

We would be happy to assist you in taking the next step with data analysis and Business Intelligence. We can support you in the area of data, so you can focus your attention on analysing the data and managing your organisation. We do this by making your data sources accessible, and by producing dashboards and reports, using advanced BI tools such as Qlik Sense, TimeXtender and Power BI.

With the data services mentioned below, we provide you with clear management information, so that you can focus fully on your business.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is all about extracting, transforming and loading (large) collections of data, in order to convert these into usable management information. Where many organisations struggle with the technical process of loading data, we can process a wide variety of different types of data. The size of the files is never a problem. We also determine the reliability of the data. We connect different data sources with each other, so you can gain new insights. We make this information accessible through simple and user-friendly dashboards, which are continuously refreshed with current data.

Smart management information

So, what about the management information in your organisation? Do you have real-time insight into the performance of your organisation? Can you use this insight to manage your business at a strategic, tactical and operational level? Our data specialists can assist you in obtaining the right management information, and bringing this information together in a well-organised dashboard.

Data analysis and processes

As the use of technology increases, so too does the complexity of business processes. It is often not entirely clear how processes interact throughout the system, and what problems or exceptions there may be. Luckily, these new technologies generate a lot of data, which can be used for process analysis and process optimisation.

Data analysis  is utilised to investigate, in detail and based on real data, whether business processes are running smoothly. In addition to technical knowledge about data and systems, this requires knowledge of domains and processes, regarding for example employees and salary, finances or logistics. Using modern tools such as process mining, our specialists in the areas of data, processes and specific sectors are able to pinpoint any weak spots. This allows you to optimise and continuously protect your business processes. Additionally, the quality of your information systems will improve, for example as a result of a decrease in the number of exceptions. This, in turn, will benefit your management information. The added value of BI solutions can be increased by optimising such surrounding processes.

Data strategy

More and more organisations recognise the potential of existing data and set out to harness this potential. However, organisations are unsuccessful in this regard because they lack a clear objective. We believe that projects concerning data and data analysis should not be driven from a technological perspective, but rather from the business perspective. A clear question or need should be identified, for which an answer or solution can then be sought. Addressing specific problems or seizing opportunities, rather than looking for a needle in a haystack. Data-driven working requires that the organisation’s targets must be clear.

We can help you to formulate your (practical) data strategy. We build not just on our practical experience, but also on the ongoing  research that we perform in this field, together with Tilburg University. Formulating the strategy is just the beginning; together with you, we follow through and find the required technology, people and processes (data architecture). The goal is to reach a good end result in the form of the desired management information.

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