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As an employer and entrepreneur, you focus on the future, the rapidly changing world and consequently, changing customer needs. Your staff are your most important capital in this respect. We believe that the success of your organisation is partly determined by having a clear vision of human resources management, which will help you stand out in this dynamic jobs market. HR encompasses a range of issues and challenges that require specific knowledge, but above all, time and attention. Baker Tilly’s HR consultants offer support and guidance when it comes to optimising your HR policies.

The key building blocks for your HR policies

How can you best shape your HR policies? If you want to get the inflow, throughput and outflow in your organisation right, you need an effective strategy and a carefully considered approach. In doing so, it goes without saying that you will also have to comply with the requirements imposed on you under employment and tax legislation. You can use the following building blocks to get the basics right.

HR administration and compliance

HR administration is a time-consuming business and constantly changing laws and regulations can make it challenging. Our experts can give you practical procedures, clear instructions, checklists and templates. These tools will make it possible for you to effectively integrate new employees, efficiently record leave and absence, and create personnel files in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR, and to be fully compliant throughout the entire process.

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Optimising staff deployment

To achieve your entrepreneurial goals, you have to retain and recruit qualified staff, and flexibility and cost containment are essential in this. We can advise and guide you in creating the right balance between permanent and flexible staff when it comes to cost control. By optimising your staff deployment, your people can flourish through being given the best possible development opportunities, and this will make your organisation more flexible and better able to operate in line with economic cycles.

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Managing absenteeism effectively

You are required by law to handle absenteeism in your organisation correctly. Our innovative absence management software will help you to manage absenteeism issues effectively. Recording sickness and recovery reports in the portal is simple, after which the system keeps everyone informed. This means you can rest assured that you will be fully compliant for incapacity benefits under Dutch law. If you’re looking for advice on complex situations, our absenteeism specialists are here for you.

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For SMEs, enhancing leadership effectiveness is necessary if the company is to remain attractive as an employer and achieve its goals. Our leadership programme can give your management insight into their leadership style and how effective it actually is. Different leadership styles have a direct and indirect impact on staff attitudes and their enthusiasm and commitment. By empowering managers and making them aware of the most effective leadership style for a given situation, they will be in a better position to motivate employees and achieve goals.

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Enhancing staff satisfaction

How do you keep the various generations in the workplace interested so that they stay with you? As an employer, how do your staff rate you on topics such as engagement, loyalty and job satisfaction? And do you know what the impact of this score is on absenteeism, staff turnover and productivity? An employee satisfaction survey is a good tool for gaining insight into your employees’ perceptions of work and their needs, enabling you to keep employees sustainably employable and enhancing their commitment to your company. Based on the insights gained and analyses of the research results, we can develop an effective and pragmatic HR cycle for you.

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HR & Payroll Shared Service Centre

HR administration is a time-consuming business and constantly changing laws and regulations can make it challenging. By outsourcing your administration completely, you can rest assured that your administration is handled properly, and it will save you a lot of time in the process. A solution for this is the Shared Service Centre.

At our Shared Service Centre, our experts take care of the complete and correct administrative handling of the inflow, throughput and outflow of employees. New employees are registered promptly with external parties, such as insurers and occupational health and safety services. In addition, annual leave and sick leave are recorded and personnel files are created in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. We also handle monthly payroll processing for you.

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Sparring partner and operational support

In addition to the administrative services provided by our Shared Service Centre, we can offer extra support for your day-to-day operational HR work too, both remotely and in-house. We can function as a sparring partner who knows your business and is on call or regularly available for:

  • Operational HR matters: supporting day-to-day HR tasks, effectively deploying personnel tools, acting as a source of information for employees, and providing day-to-day advice to management and the board.

  • Tactical HR matters: the implementation and further development of HR policies, such as developing personnel tools, examining how best to achieve organisational goals, and which personnel instruments can best be used.

  • Strategic HR matters: devising a long-term vision, including strategic staffing plans and aligning the strategy with HR policies and the organisational culture. What is the best direction to take the organisation and how will you adjust your HR policies accordingly?

International employment

Staff are more mobile these days. Members of staff are recruited from abroad, or are seconded (temporarily or otherwise) to a foreign country. Some employees work from home but then in another country, which means that social security, wage tax, employment law, HR and your payroll administration require special attention.

Baker Tilly provides support and a wide range of services with respect to global mobility. If required, we can work closely with the other member firms in the Baker Tilly International network, so you can rest assured that you will have access to expert advice wherever you happen to operate in the world.

What do you have to bear in mind as an international employer?

Being an international employer involves many legal obligations, but you may also encounter practical issues. This applies to everything from drafting documents, like employment contracts and intra-company secondment agreements, to salary calculations, salary splits and tax equalisation (TEQ). Our specialists are happy to help you with all your issues, including HR, employment law, domestic and international tax law and permits. Examples include:

  • The 30% facility and optimising working conditions

  • International payroll and its coordination

  • Registering and starting out as an employer in the Netherlands

  • Incoming and seconded personnel

  • Salary calculations, salary splits and TEQ

  • Remote working policies

  • Holding entrance and exit meetings

  • Expat tax returns

  • Social security and certificates of coverage

  • CLA and sectoral pension fund checks

  • Employment contracts, secondment contracts and staff rules

  • Work permits