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(Large) SMEs

The SME sector is the engine driving the Dutch economy. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly looking for opportunities to grow, and as an owner, you are responsible for your staff and many other matters. A good consultant is therefore indispensable. At Baker Tilly, you will find all the specialisms you need to keep your business running smoothly under one roof, with advice and services from managing your financial accounts to formulating a sustainability strategy. Thanks to decades of experience with many clients in the SME sector, we understand the issues at play. Engaging us as your adviser will give you the space to develop your ambitions and the time to focus on growth.

We know what's going on


Retaining and engaging your existing staff and prospective employees: how can you keep your people? We can consult with you on matters such as your personnel strategy, leadership, recruitment and HR policies. We can also handle things like your payroll and applications for subsidies, including the government’s Incentive Scheme for Learning and Development in SMEs.

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Business succession

Because family plays a major role in many SMEs, it’s only natural to want your hard work to benefit your family and give them a good life. That is why it’s important to make proper arrangements for the succession of your company. We are happy to help you to get your succession in good order, for instance by taking advantage of the family business succession scheme.

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Macro-economic developments

Rising prices, scarcity in the supply of products and raw materials, delivery times, penalty clauses, time and project management, international enterprise and ever tighter ESG regulations are just some of the operational issues you face. We are here to advise you on how to mitigate risks and guarantee the continuity of your organisation.

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Sustainability and ESG

Sustainability is becoming more and more important, both in terms of demand from your customers and due to the growing body of EU legislation. Depending on your business, you may be obliged to measure your carbon emissions and overall footprint, which includes carrying out a mandatory ESG audit. We will make sure you are up to date with prevailing and pending regulations in good time.

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The digital revolution has been underway for quite some time, but developments are still moving fast, and this requires your constant attention. Organisations that can extract real-time insights from their data have the edge. After all, why would you do things manually when you can do them digitally? Our experts can advise you and take care of things for you by means of digitalisation in the broadest sense.

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Business intelligence

From making adjustments based on retrospective data, to making data-based predictions based on real-time measurements: this is the transition we want to make for our clients. For example, you could predict the peaks and dips in your staffing needs. Business intelligence (BI) offers all entrepreneurs opportunities. We look forward to advising you on the steps your company can take.

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Sustainability and ESG: being prepared for legislation

Depending on the size of your SME, you have to deal with complex ESG legislation – or will have to in the future. Legislation such as the EU’s CSRD directive obliges companies to draft annual sustainability reports, which include accounting for a company’s social and environmental impact based on measurements. These reports also have to be audited. It is advisable to consider these and similar requirements now so that your business is in good order in time for your reporting obligations. Our experts at ESG Advisory are at your service to help you with this.

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The strength of our advice

The business community is encountering many laws and regulations, and it’s virtually impossible to manage it all on your own. Baker Tilly has all the relevant services for the SME sector under one roof, which means it’s ideally placed to serve you. Why manage all your HR affairs yourself if handling staff is not your forté? And why go looking for knowledge about an industry or sector yourself, for example, when sound advice on this will help you find what you’re looking for quickly?  

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How do you find enough staff in the current climate?

The tight jobs market poses a challenge for many SMEs. What should your strategy be for tackling this challenge, and how can you appeal to Gen Z so that they choose your company to work for? Getting staff to commit to your organisation is now more important than ever, but this is often precisely where companies lack insight.

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Real estate in SMEs

You often need office, retail or business space for your company. Without knowledge of the real estate industry, this can be a challenge. Finding an office may be a relatively simple process, but when it comes to a logistics center, factory or a large complex, there is more to it. For example, coordination with the landowner and the municipality could be required, and you might need help coming up with a financial business case for new construction. We can help you on your way with:

  • Preparing a program of requirements

  • Searching and comparing different locations

  • Supporting you in choosing suitable locations

  • Liaising with the municipality about the various conditions that apply to a plot