Cybersecurity & information security

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Imagine that a cyberattack or a hack paralyses your crucial business processes. Or that a data breach leads to the loss of your business’ or clients’ sensitive data. Without proper cybersecurity, your business could be severely damaged. This damage ranges from (financial) damage because your business’ continuity is threatened, to reputational damage as a result of information that is sensitive for the company, or personal data, being made public. These are serious risks, that your business can no longer ignore. You can, however, protect your business against such risks.

We would gladly help you to improve your cybersecurity and information protection, with the following services:

  • Cybersecurity subscription
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Baseline information security

Cybersecurity subscription

It is important for organisations to make well-considered choices when it comes to digital security or cybersecurity. The security of your important digital processes and information, requires continuous effort and attention. Our cybersecurity subscription offers a practical solution. Experienced information security officers can get to work for your organisation on a part time basis, as a CISO or security officer, to improve the digital security within your organisation, together with you. This allows you to take major steps in the areas of security and the GDPR, under expert supervision and without the need for large investments.

Vulnerability scan

With our vulnerability scan, we can help organisations gain, and keep, control of vulnerabilities in both external and internal systems. The implementation of new web applications and interfaces, as well as updates, means that your systems are constantly changing. As a result, new vulnerabilities may arise every day, and you may not be aware of them. It is therefore important to periodically perform a scan of your IT environment. By doing so, you can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, and prevent the damage that hackers might inflict with ransomware or other malware.

Baseline information security

Are you fully confident about your company’s information security and cybersecurity? If not, we recommend carrying out a baseline measurement. A baseline allows us to swiftly provide you with insights into your organisation's strengths and points of attention with regard to information security and cybersecurity. This often provides the starting point for systematic  improvement measures. Over the course of just a few days, we are able to provide you with insight into your security risks, and we can discuss with you what is required to reach the desired situation. We make use of the current security frameworks which (may) apply to your organisation, such as NEN-ISO 27001 and NEN-ISO 27002, NEN7510 or NIST.

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