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IT Advisory - IT Audit

Would you like to improve the quality of your processing operations and information provision, or demonstrate the level of quality to the market? Our IT auditors can help you to make this possible, by providing formal assurance reports (such as ISAE3402, SOC2, ENSIA, cyber attestation). They can also provide you with further support in these areas, for example with custom advice regarding optimisation and management of automation environments, information management, data strategy and data analytics, information security, cybersecurity and other digital issues.

The IT Audit team

Our IT auditors have broad knowledge of digital processes and information provision, IT systems, IT management processes and various IT frameworks. Additionally, our IT auditors are registered members (RE) of the professional association for IT-auditors in the Netherlands (Nederlandse Orde van Register EDP-Auditors, NOREA), or possess expertise in a particular niche of the professional field.

IT Audit, Assurance and advisory

Depending on your preferences, our IT audits can result in a wide variety of end products, from advice to formal assurance. Do you need our assistance regarding a baseline measurement, guidance, advice or a report in accordance with NOREA standards? Our experts would be happy to pay you a visit, to inventorise your requirements and discuss your options. Naturally, we customise engagements to match your specific situation. Read moreĀ  about how we can be of service.

IT Audit and the audit of the annual accounts

In addition to advisory and assurance, our IT auditors provide support to the audit practice of Baker Tilly. Increasingly, clients of the accountancy practice process their (financial) data in integrated, complex ERP systems. Based on a process analysis, our IT auditors determine which internal control measures, regarding the operational and financial accountability of an organisation, have been (partially) automated. We verify the correct design and functioning of these control measures, including the role played by the general quality of the IT environment and IT organisation. Our colleagues combine their expertise in process design and control, with specialist knowledge of software packages. In this way, we are able to judge the quality of the digital information provision of our clients.

Another strategy which we deploy, is to make use of our data factory. In this data factory, the relevant operational and financial data of our clients is efficiently and smartly processed into useful analysis tools. This provides us with fast insight into the data flows and operational processes of our clients, allowing us to innovatively understand an organisation quickly. Furthermore, our clients can use these opportunities to take their internal management information and management to a higher level.

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