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Accountancy - Financiële administratie 2.0

Baker Tilly Corporate Finance offers solutions for various financial issues, ranging from assistance in purchase and sale to valuation, and from financing and refinancing to due diligence. Get acquainted with our team and our working method.

Our team

Professional and involved advisers who provide you with purposeful and clear advice: that is what our Baker Tilly Corporate Finance team stands for. Our expert people complete diverse engagements in which we, as a sparring partner, are the rock and refuge for a diverse portfolio of clients operating in a wide range of sectors. We support you where possible, but also do not hesitate to make bottlenecks, if any, discussible.

Our working method

The working method of Baker Tilly Corporate Finance is characterised by short communication lines and pragmatic advice. We see to it that you as our client are always maximally informed of the status and the steps to be taken to achieve a maximum outcome. This often means intensive and personal contact. By quickly connecting with you and providing you with advice where necessary, we enable you to take well-considered decisions during the process so that we can work together towards the optimum result.

Our international network

For a long time already, the M&A sector has not solely operated within national borders, but has in the meanwhile become inseparably connected with the global market. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance works together internationally with the many other corporate finance departments of Baker Tilly International. Globally, Baker Tilly has branches in 147 countries with more than 35,000 employees in total. Together we form an accountants’ network that is among the largest in the world. We nevertheless know one another by name and share our knowledge, best practices, systems and expertise amongst one another. This enables us to help our international clients quickly and well. For instance, in takeover processes for various clients, we have found the right buyer via the network, or helped clients with international growth ambitions with cross-border acquisitions, for which the network is engaged so that local expertise can be used. We connect quickly and efficiently with our international Baker Tilly colleagues all over the world in order to advise our clients on international processes.

In June 2018 the network received an award as an Outstanding Global M&A Service Provider during the highly regarded M&A Atlas Awards. This resulted in recognition of our dominance within MKB transactions.

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How can I help you?

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