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Are you considering taking over all or part of a company? Taking over the activities or the shares of a company is a special and far-reaching process. Our advisers can completely advise you and relieve you of your concerns from beginning to end. From preparing the acquisition profile and finding suitable targets, approaching the Dutch and international markets, conducting the company analysis and the negotiations, up to and including drawing up the legal documents.

Preparatory stage

It is may be that you do not yet have a specific candidate for takeover in mind. Where and how do you start this process? Do not let these types of questions prevent you from implementing your plans. We help you to draw up an acquisition profile and discuss together with you the criteria for the desired takeover candidate. You can think of the type of product or service, the location of the company and distribution of the turnover, the amount, succession situation or the possible synergies. The funds you have available for such a takeover constitute the starting point in this context.

Perhaps you already have parties in mind for a company takeover. In both situations we can expand the list of targets by way of our market expertise and our international network and databases, on the basis of the acquisition profile. In that way, we will arrive together at a good shortlist. We discuss the appropriate route with you and can approach parties for you on an anonymous basis and hold joint exploratory talks.

Purchase stage

You have one or more targets and now is the time to make a bid and negotiate about the purchase price and other conditions. We can carry out a valuation for you, that serves as a basis for the negotiations and later possibly for obtaining financing. No negotiation process is the same and the theoretical value often differs from the ultimate purchase price. The position you want to take in the negotiations, a possible strategic premium you are willing to pay for this, or personal interests play a major part in transactions within SME. Besides the analytical approach and mathematical models, we also take this into account. Our team is multidisciplinary with different sectoral expertise, but also with a down-to-earth mentality.


External financial resources are often necessary to complete a transaction successfully. We help you to attract such financing and to negotiate favourable loan conditions. Thanks to our experience and our network of contacts at banks and other financiers, we find the right party for you.

Final stage

In the final stage of a company takeover the legal contracts are drafted, with a letter of intent as the starting point. You are then given the opportunity to conduct a due diligence investigation. Based on the conclusions of the due diligence investigation, the final negotiations are conducted on the guarantee terms and the final takeover price, after which the official documents are signed at the civil-law notary’s office.

Management Buy-Out (MBO)

Are you a manager or director/officer and do you want to acquire shares? You can do so in the company where you are now employed, or we can draw up a profile together with you, and search for the type of company that is appropriate for you. During this intensive process, our expertise in the SME-market could be very useful. Our advisers can assist you with personal advice and give advice as an intermediary on the transfer and structuring the transaction, and support you in setting appropriate conditions for the financing or vendor loan.


Would you like to present your situation to an adviser and explore what the possibilities are for you in relation to a company takeover? Then please contact us, completely free of obligation. You can also contact us for advice on sale and financing. We carry out due diligence investigations and are engaged in the valuation of companies.

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