Due diligence

Corporate Finance - Due diligence

In almost every takeover process, whether the purchase or sale of a company is involved, the time comes when the purchaser investigates the company to be taken over. During this due diligence investigation the object of purchase is studied in more detail for so-called skeletons in the closet. Are you faced with the choice of a company to take over or are you soon planning to sell your company? Our wide expertise in due diligence (financial, tax, legal, HR and IT) ensures that you will not be faced with surprises now and in the future. In addition, we can advise you on incorporating these risks in the purchase agreement.

What is due diligence?

How can you prevent yourself from buying a pig in a poke when you take over a company? From being saddled with difficult matters and having to put a lot of time (and possibly money as well) into the accompanying hassle? By carefully reviewing the company you are taking over. We call the review that you need due diligence: an in-depth examination of a company to be taken over, so that decisions in an acquisition process can be thoroughly substantiated and risks are identified. Due diligence investigation provides insight into strengths and weaknesses of the takeover candidate or your own company. This can lead to adjustment of the purchase price or negotiations on specific guarantees or indemnifications.

Due diligence from different disciplines

You are about to conduct a due diligence investigation and are seeking a partner that can support you on a number of levels. Whether a financial, tax, legal, HR or IT due diligence is concerned, our involved team of corporate finance specialists, accountants, tax specialists, employment lawyers and IT auditors use their specific expertise specifically to gain a good idea of (less obvious) risks.

Acquisition Due Diligence (buy-side)

You are planning to take over a company. This is a period that demands a lot of time and energy of you and in which you do not also want to be concerned about any unpleasant matters that suddenly come to light after the sale. We can relieve you of this. We see to it that you receive a reliable overview of the possible risks involved in the takeover of a party. We are distinguished by our ability to explain risks from different sides in a multidisciplinary way, to quantify these risks and advise you proactively on incorporating them into the purchase agreement.

In consultation with you, we decide what work is to be performed. We do so on the basis of any specific areas for attention you consider important, in combination with relevant aspects that we identify up front. During the investigation we maintain close contact with you regarding interim findings. In this way we can adjust the process together and you can indicate whether you want to go more deeply into certain parts of the investigation.

Vendor Due Diligence (sell-side)

You are thinking about (eventually) selling your company. On the one hand, you want a fast and smooth process, and on the other you want to get the maximum out of the sale. Conducting a Vendor Due Diligence clarifies the risks of a takeover. In this way, the risks and areas of attention can be tackled and resolved in a timely manner. This enables a quicker and more efficient sale process, usually with a better result.

Vendor Due Diligence checklist

Especially for entrepreneurs who are exploring a possible sale, Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has developed a multidisciplinary checklist. This enables you to gain insight quickly into possible financial, tax-related, legal and automation bottlenecks. Request the Vendor Due Diligence checklist’ free of obligation.

Vendor Due Diligence speeds up the acquisition process because all information has already been collected, put in order and provided with comments. This generally results in better takeover conditions and fewer guarantees and indemnifications having to be given. Curious about what added value a Vendor Due Diligence can deliver for your company? Contact Mark Goderie without obligation. Read how we can help you even more with the sale of your company.

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