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You want to start, expand or you have another reason for needing financing. What are the possibilities and which of these possibilities fits your plans best? We provide independent financing advice for (family-owned) businesses, management and employee participations, and DMSs. We understand the needs of all parties involved. Together we will find an effective and efficient solution for your financing issues.

The financing process

To assist a company like yours completely, we focus on the provision of advice regarding all financing aspects, including the attraction of new loans, refinancing of debt, and (re)structuring of the balance sheet. We do this for various markets, such as leveraged finance, asset-based lending, business lending and real estate.

What forms of financing are there?

The most common form of financing is a loan from the bank. This can be revolving credit, a bank guarantee or a loan. Depending on the situation, it could also be microfinance from the government or an individual. An alternative form of financing is crowdfunding. Here, individuals can invest a (small) amount in exchange for certain services or products.

Financing is not provided from one day to another. Sound advice, a large network and assistance in making the requested documents in order, such as a business plan, can ease this process. These are precisely the things that Baker Tilly Corporate Finance can help you with. We understand which financing forms and institutions best match your financing needs and have a large network of contacts with banks and alternative lenders.

How can I help you?

Want to know what we can do for you? Just contact Baker Tilly , with no obligation, of course.