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You want to grow and expand through acquisition, or you have other reasons why your company needs financing. What are the possibilities for attracting funding and which is most in keeping with your plans? We offer independent financing advice for Directors-Major Shareholders and family and other businesses, for example on management and employee participation units. We understand your wishes and those of all parties concerned. Together with you, we reach the best solution for your finance issue.

Starting point for attracting funding

Our advisers aim to give advice on all aspects of the financing, including attracting new loans, refinancing of debts and balance sheet structuring and restructuring. Irrespective of the type of finance you choose, a reliable plan is always the starting point. Because every financier wants to know what you need the financing for and/or whether this is based on a cost-effective plan.

What types of funding are there?

The most frequently occurring type of financing is a facility at the bank. This can be a revolving credit facility or a loan. Depending on your situation, this could also be a loan under the government-guaranteed scheme for loans to small and medium-sized enterprises or a private investment. Which types of finance are among the possibilities for your organisation, and do you also feel at ease with this type of finance? In this stage of the financing process, we enter into discussion with you and look together for the most desirable and feasible situation.

What does the financing process look like?

Financing is not arranged from one day to the next. Sound advice, a large network and help in putting the required documents in order, such as a Finance Memorandum, can make this process run more smoothly. These are exactly the matters with which Baker Tilly Corporate Finance can help you. We examine your organisation and your financing requirement, so that we understand which types of finance and finance institutions are most appropriate for you. We have a large network of contacts at banks, private equity and mixed types of finance, so that we are always able to find and approach the right party for you. In addition, our finance specialists, with years of experience in the (bank) finance sector, are able to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for you in relation to setting rates and conditions.

The financing is in. What’s next?

After successfully attracting financing, the financier often requests you to report periodically on the developments at the company and the operating result. We know the wishes of different financiers in this area and can support you during the term of the finance.


Would you like to present your situation to an adviser and explore what the financing possibilities are for your company? Then please contact us, completely without obligation. You can also contact us for advice on a company takeover and sale of your company. We also carry out due diligence  investigations and are engaged in the valuation.

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How can I help you?

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