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Selling your company or business is often a tense and drastic matter. This is because a sale not only has direct consequences for the future of the business, but also has a great influence on you yourself. We can advise and guide you during the entire sale process. From advice on the preparatory work, drawing up the necessary documentation and identifying, listing and approaching potential buyers up to and including supervising the due diligence investigation, conducting negotiations and drawing up the legal agreements.

Preparatory stage

Prior to the process of selling your company, you must consider making the business ready to sell. You can think of lowering the risk profile for a prospective buyer or optimising the working capital in order to increase the company’s value. The process ultimately starts with an analysis of the business, conducting a valuation and drawing up the necessary sales documentation, whereby we provide for a good presentation of the company. A list must also be made of several prospective buyers to be approached.

Is your company ready to sell?

If you are considering selling your company, it is wise to invest in a thorough inventory. Discover the 36 main aspects for a successful sale and optimum return in our ‘Vendor Due Diligence checklist’. Download the checklist without obligation.

Sale stage

We can approach the prospective buyers anonymously. Depending on how we organise the process, interested parties will receive the documentation (naturally after signing a confidentiality statement). Depending on the responses, we then schedule exploratory talks in visits to prospective buyers so they can concretise their interest in an indicative offer. Afterwards we analyse the offers, conduct negotiations and we draw up a letter of intent. Prior to the negotiations, we advise you on the strategy to be followed. In addition we can assume an intermediary role at any desired time, so that the relationship between you and the possible buyer will not be damaged.

Final stage

In the final stage the transaction is structured in more detail. The starting point is the letter of intent in which the main features of the terms and conditions are set out. We then guide you through the due diligence investigation that will be conducted by the buyer in order to verify the information provided. We make a digital data room available to you that has been organised in advance. The nature and depth of the due diligence will be determined depending on the agreements made with the buyer. The outcomes of the due diligence, together with the letter of intent, form the basis for the share purchase agreement.


Would you like to present your situation to an adviser and explore what the possibilities are for you in relation to the sale of your company? Then please contact us, completely without obligation. You can also contact us for advice on a company takeover and financing. We carry out due diligence investigations and are engaged in the valuation of companies.

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