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Whether you wish to transfer a stake in your company to your children, allow employees to participate, sell your company or gain insight into the value of a prospective takeover candidate, a valuation forms the basis for negotiations and pricing, so that you can then make a well-substantiated choice. The added value of our accredited valuation specialists (Register Valuators), in addition to strong, substantive knowledge, also lies in the personal approach and transparency of the findings.

Valuation in the event of:

  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) and Impairment Assessment
    You have bought a company and your accountant has to account for the purchase price in your annual accounts. Because of new regulation  relating to acquisitions, a ‘Purchase Price Allocation’ (PPA) must usually be made, in which the tangible and intangible assets and liabilities acquired have to be valued. The remaining goodwill accounted for on the balance sheet must be subjected periodically to an ‘Impairment Assessment’. Our advisers have extensive experience with numerous PPAs and Impairment Assessments and would be pleased to help you further.
  • Purchase and management buy-in
    You have stated that you want to take over a company. You will soon be asked to make a bid. A sound bidding process starts with insight into the value-generating assets of the takeover candidate. The main value drivers are analysed and the company risk is estimated and substantiated. Subsequently, synergy gains can be incorporated into the models to clarify what the takeover entails in terms of possibilities for value creation. We do the arithmetic and see to it that you are able to handle this with pragmatic advice.
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  • Sale, employee participation units and management buy-out
    You are considering selling all or part of your company. It is wise to gain insight into the value of your company in an early stage, so that you will be well able to assess the bids. In addition, an independent valuation can serve as a basis for the talks you hold with employees who want to participate in the company.
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  • Transfer within the family
    You cherish the wish to allow your children or other family members to participate in your company. You may wish to give them a portion of the shares as a gift. A valuation is essential in order to determine the value on which gift tax is due. In cooperation with our tax colleagues, we are ready to guide you and minimise the risk of additional assessment.
  • Arbitration and disputes
    You have a dispute with your co-shareholder, client or another party over the value of a company, an equity interest, a business unit or over economic damage. Such disputes are sometimes unavoidable. Our specialists have ample experience in making valuations or loss calculations in court proceedings, divorces or other conflict situations. We can act either as a party-appointed expert or as an independent expert. You can contact us if you need expert support or an independent specialist in the field of economic, analytical, financial and quantitative analyses. Based on thorough investigation of the facts, we arrive at an independent assessment of your issue, we enable you to reach a well-founded decision or we provide you with expert substantiation in disputes.

    We can also help you in disputes and conflict situations with an international or cross-border dimension. Through our connection to the international network of Baker Tilly, we are always able to rely on expert specialists who have knowledge of the local market and laws and regulations.

Financial modelling

On the intercession of your financier you may want to gain insight into the forecast liquidity trends in the next few years in order to estimate whether additional financing is necessary or if you comply at all times with the financing agreements. It could also be that you have various projects running and you have lost your overview of the progress of the different projects. Financial modelling can produce a result in the above-mentioned cases. We assess the case together with you and compose a model together, so that you can use and update it independently.


Would you like to present your situation to an adviser and explore what the possibilities are for valuation of your company? Then contact us completely without obligation. You can also contact us for advice on a company takeover and sale of your company. We carry out due diligence investigation and are engaged in finance.

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