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ICT has become an indispensable part of every business. Additionally, technology has led to more and more data being generated. This introduces risks as well as opportunities for your organisation. For an organisation that is ready for the future, these risks need to be made visible and managed. Examples include risks in the areas of business operations, cybersecurity and privacy. Moreover, if you are a service organisation, you will also want to be able to demonstrate this quality to your customers. It is furthermore important for any innovative and efficient organisation to make the most of these opportunities, for example by making (better) use of data or of modern and new technologies.

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Cybersecurity & information security

Imagine that a cyberattack or a hack paralyses your crucial business processes. Or that a data breach leads to the loss of your business’ or clients’ sensitive data. Without proper cybersecurity, your business could be severely damaged. This damage ranges from (financial) damage because your business’ continuity is threatened, to reputational damage as a result of information that is sensitive for the company, or personal data, being made public. These are serious risks, that your business can no longer ignore. You can, however, protect your business against such risks.

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Data analysis & Business Intelligence

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Software selection & implementation

The procurement and implementation of a new software package is often a complicated process. The budget is often tight, and you are dependent on suppliers. Also, such processes are not a daily occurrence and the consequences of failure are significant. These hurdles often lead to the postponement of the acquisition of new software, or to organisations making unnecessary concessions. Our advisors are very experienced in overseeing selection procedures and supporting implementation projects. We are happy to help with both the selection process and the implementation of a new package, so you can stay fully focussed on the goals of your organisation.

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IT Advisory - Robotic Process Automation


Bringing together data from different systems and performing simple, repetitive digital tasks can take up a lot of your professionals’ valuable time. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a great solution for this problem, and does not require any immediate investments in complex automation. RPA offers a fast, tactical interim solution for the automation of repetitive manual work, prior to a (possible) transition to structural automation.

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IT Advisory - Assurance services

Assurance services

More and more companies make the strategic decision to outsource part of their business processes (from HR and logistics to IT and administration) to specialised service organisations. Some of these processes are of such importance that the customer requires certainty or Assurance about the quality of the services provided. If you are a service-providing organisation, you can therefore distinguish your organisation from its competitors by proactively providing accountability for your services. Our IT auditors are familiar with practically all (inter)national Assurance standards and would be happy to help you with any Assurance matters.

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About us

Baker Tilly IT Advisory is your business advisor for all your digital challenges. From IT Audit and Assurance, to providing guidance for your digital transformation and obtaining better management information. Meet our team and read about our way of working.

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IT Advisory - IT Audit

IT Audit

Would you like to improve the quality of your processing operations and information provision, or demonstrate the level of quality to the market? Our IT auditors can help you to make this possible, by providing formal assurance reports (such as ISAE3402, SOC2, ENSIA, cyber attestation). They can also provide you with further support in these areas, for example with custom advice regarding optimisation and management of automation environments, information management, data strategy and data analytics, information security, cybersecurity and other digital issues.

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