IT Advisory - Robotic Process Automation

Bringing together data from different systems and performing simple, repetitive digital tasks can take up a lot of your professionals’ valuable time. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a great solution for this problem, and does not require any immediate investments in complex automation. RPA offers a fast, tactical interim solution for the automation of repetitive manual work, prior to a (possible) transition to structural automation.

We can help you to make optimal use of RPA in your organisation. This starts with calculating the business case, followed by configuring and implementing the software robots in your organisation. We would be happy to use our expertise with various RPA solutions, such as UIPath, to assist you.

RPA: Saving costs and increasing yield 

RPA can help to further digitise your processes, without requiring adjustments to your ICT systems. This may for example involve administrative tasks that do not require any decision making, but where the work ‘just needs to be done’: the input, copying, adjusting or updating of data. This work is still done manually  in many organisations. This leads to high personnel costs and unhappy employees. After all, part of their time is spent on administrative matters which are not part of their primary duties. RPA can help speed up your automation process, as well as offering flexibility in staff deployment, and maximum efficiency, mindful of the budget.

How can we help you?

In our view, the robotisation of manual work (RPA) is the best solution for organisations wishing to provide high-quality, digital services with scarce resources. We would be happy the help you with:

  • Analysis of suitability of processes

Not all processes are suitable for RPA. We assess which processes within your organisation can be optimised by using RPA. We also calculate what benefit this will yield for you. This will help you attain optimal process automation.

  • Implementation of robots

Our certified employees develop the software robots together with you. We oversee the implementation of the robots, from people to process to technology, and from management to workplace. Our ‘change professionals’ can help you to make your employees feel comfortable with the introduction of the software robot.

  • RPA audit

Have you already implemented RPA, and are you curious about the reliability of these automated processes? We can assess the design of your RPA solution. Our certified IT auditors (RE) safeguard the quality and thoroughness of our activities in this area.

How we can help

Would you like to know what opportunities RPA may offer for your organisation? We would gladly provide you with a custom-made business case, in order to provide an overview of the application possibilities of RPA for your organisation. For Baker Tilly clients, such a custom-made business case is free of charge. For a no-strings-attached conversation or more information about the custom-made business case, please contact Baker Tilly’s RPA specialists, Martin van Ernst or Robert Nooy.

How can I help you?

Want to know what we can do for you? Just contact Baker Tilly , with no obligation, of course.