Software selection & implementation

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The procurement and implementation of a new software package is often a complicated process. The budget is often tight, and you are dependent on suppliers. Also, such processes are not a daily occurrence and the consequences of failure are significant. These hurdles often lead to the postponement of the acquisition of new software, or to organisations making unnecessary concessions. Our advisors are very experienced in overseeing selection procedures and supporting implementation projects. We are happy to help with both the selection process and the implementation of a new package, so you can stay fully focussed on the goals of your organisation.

Software selection

During selection processes, we use a method which has repeatedly proven to be of great value in practice. This method is in part based on the RFI/RFP approach. We have used our IT expertise to shape the method in such a way that optimal results can be achieved in any situation. Our approach to software selection can be divided into three phases.


Our specialists first discuss matters with your organisation. Our experience in your industry enables us to map your processes, and assist you in taking stock of your wishes, based on this mapping. Using this as a starting point, and combining it with your vision and objectives, we draw up a . Also, we draft a business case and discuss the feasibility of the proposed project.


In phase 2, we draw up a longlist of IT suppliers. In the selection process for potential suppliers, we first send out a Request for Information. Next, based on clear selection criteria, we send out a Request for Proposal to promising suppliers. Our specialists can help you compare the proposals received, and, together with you, draft a shortlist. Based on a comparison of the proposals, we slim down the number of potential suppliers to a limited number. They are then requested to provide a custom-made demonstration.


Based on the demonstration and our expertise, we will provide you with advice regarding the choice of a supplier. A proof-of-concept is set up with this supplier, based on a blueprint and/or an experimental phase. In many cases, a reference visit is prepared and carried out. Based on the resulting findings, we help you request a definitive proposal.

Implementation support

Selecting a software package is a complicated process. Successfully implementing such an acquisition is often just as complex. In addition to the selection process, we would be happy to provide you with support during the implementation of the software. In doing so, we look further than just the technical aspects of the implementation. We would gladly help you draw up an action plan, to ensure that the new acquisition is well received by your employees. We can support you in various ways, during the planning, migration, testing and training. This ensures an optimal implementation.

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