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More and more, the focus of taxation is shifting from direct to indirect taxes, such as VAT. Businesses and organisations are therefore increasingly confronted with (complex) VAT issues. The applicable VAT laws and regulations in the Netherlands and in the European Union are constantly changing. In addition to this, there is a large amount of case law regarding VAT, at both a national and an international level. It is therefore important to check your company’s VAT position regularly and to verify whether your company is still compliant with the changing rules. There may also be opportunities to improve your company’s VAT position, such as structuring your supply chain more efficiently. We look forward to assisting you in these matters.

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National VAT advice

If you perform economic activities independently, either as an individual, an entity or in the form of a partnership, and you are remunerated for these activities, you qualify as an entrepreneur for VAT purposes. In that case, you are in principle obliged to charge VAT to your customers on these remunerations. Additionally, various administrative obligations apply, such as periodically filing a VAT return and maintaining a VAT administration. Would you like to know more about your VAT position, and your rights and obligations as a VAT taxable person? Feel free to contact us for an informal conversation.

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International VAT advice

If you operate at an international level, the cross-border flow of goods may have an enormous impact on your VAT processes. Examples are importing goods, storing your supplies, distributing your products to your sales facilities, but also selling goods to consumers in other EU countries through your website. This also applies if you provide certain services, such as organising events abroad or providing digital services such as streaming services to consumers in other countries. Depending on your business model, all these activities lead to VAT obligations, sometimes even in several countries. Are these recognisable VAT issues for you? You can count on Baker Tilly for the best international VAT advice.

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VAT reporting obligations

As soon as your business has been granted a VAT registration, several VAT reporting obligations will apply. Make sure you file VAT returns correctly and on time, especially as these recur every month or every quarter. This is not only the case in the Netherlands, but in all countries where your business is obliged to file VAT returns.

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VAT tools

Every company possesses data containing a wealth of information about your company and the business processes. Smart tools -including tools in the area of VAT- make it possible to obtain multiple insights from this data, concerning for example your VAT position and opportunities for optimisation. Baker Tilly has developed various tools to support the optimisation of your VAT position.

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VAT training

Are you looking for more knowledge of VAT for your business? Or does your organisation require more in-depth expertise in a particular field of VAT issues? And would you like to use your knowledge of VAT to be of more added value to your organisation? Then Baker Tilly is your preferred partner. In addition, PE points are offered for many of our courses. Take a look at our training courses, workshops and webinars.

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VAT in specific sectors

Does your business operate in one of the sectors mentioned below? If so, you may be faced with specific VAT issues. Baker Tilly has extensive knowledge of these sectors, and we can advise you in this regard.

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Legislative changes to VAT

We are happy to keep you informed about the most important changes and news in the area of VAT. This will keep you up to speed with the latest developments and possible impact of these changes to your operations.

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Brexit and VAT

On January 31, 2020 at midnight, Brexit became a reality. We are currently in a transitional phase, which will end on December 31, 2020. During this phase, the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) will negotiate their future relationship. At present, a hard Brexit seems likely. A hard Brexit would mean extensive changes for businesses that trade with the UK. However, even if the EU and the UK can agree upon certain points, there will be significant changes for VAT and customs purposes. Our advice? Start your preparations on time. If you haven't done so yet, take steps immediately!

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About us

VAT & Customs Advisory is your partner for VAT issues and international trade flows. We can assist you with first-rate advice on topics ranging from international supply chains to real estate and from deductibility to compliance. We are happy to present our team and our way of working.

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As of 1 July 2021, new VAT rules regarding e-commerce will enter into force in the European Union (EU). These rules are of importance to all businesses involved in cross-border sales of goods to consumers in the EU. It is not relevant whether you are established in an EU country or a non-EU country. The changes are far reaching and in some cases very complicated. In many cases, changes to your systems and processes will be required. If you sell goods to consumers in the EU, please ensure you are up-to-speed on the VAT consequences for your business.

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