VAT advice and compliance

Taxation is increasingly shifting from direct to indirect taxation. VAT, Customs and excise taxes increase, thus receiving more and more attention from the tax authorities. For this reason, and because legislation and regulations are constantly changing, it is important to regularly check your VAT position. You are responsible for being ‘in control’. Are you lacking the knowledge or time to determine whether you are fulfilling all the VAT regulations? With our extensive services in the field of VAT and Customs, we can help you.

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Training about VAT

Would you like to know more about VAT? Or are you looking for an in-depth examination? Would you like to use your knowledge of VAT to offer more added value for your organisation? You are at the right place at Baker Tilly. You can also get PE points for training. Take a look at our selection of training courses, workshops and webinars.

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E-commerce VAT Portal

Your e-commerce business grows and your sales transactions exceed the threshold values of the EU member states for distance sales. This means that you must deal with VAT registrations and declarations in several EU countries. Baker Tilly has developed an e-commerce VAT portal with which we can affect the fast, accurate and automated processing of your European VAT obligations. Request more information about this VAT tool from your VAT advisor; of course, with no strings attached.

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EU VAT reporting

The declaration process of your VAT administration within the European Union is often complex and time consuming, and may involve major risks in an international structure. Would you like to make this simpler for your organisation? We offer a reliable and simplified solution with which we can take care of all VAT reporting obligations in the Netherlands and other EU countries for your organisation.

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International trade and Customs

If you trade internationally, cross-border commodity flows can have a tremendous impact on your VAT processes. This might involve importing materials, storing your stock or distributing your products to your sales locations. All of these activities involve VAT obligations, sometimes in several countries, depending on your business model. Have you considered how a Shared Service Centre model can impact your VAT processes?

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VAT in the care sector

As a healthcare institution, you deal with VAT every day - consciously or unconsciously. You purchase supplies, establish partnerships, second your personnel, sell products and services to clients, visitors and employees and receive various subsidies and contributions. We help your organisation deal with VAT with more awareness, limit (unconscious) risks as much as possible and embed VAT in your standard business processes.

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Real estate

Housing associations, project developers and investors undertake real estate transactions whereby VAT and transfer tax always play a role. In addition, other organisations, as well, such as healthcare and educational institutions, municipalities and landowners work with real estate (transactions). We help you achieve optimal results with land transactions by advising you on VAT and transfer tax.

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The government and VAT

As a government agency, you both impose and pay taxes. VAT is a point for discussion everywhere in your organisation. The question is always whether income is taxable with VAT or not, and if the VAT on purchases is deductible. In addition, municipalities and provinces are also concerned with the VAT compensation fund. We help you understand the VAT processes and embed VAT in your business processes.

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Through incorrect administration entries, too much VAT may be deducted or the VAT may fail to be reclaimed. By analysing data, these errors can be identified and the VAT risks for your organisation could be reduced. Indeed, optimisation in your VAT process may even be possible! You can contact us for good advice, a second opinion, a quick VAT scan or a VAT data analysis.

Tax Mapp

In our unique app: the Tax Mapp, you will find both the latest worldwide tax news and complete current tax overviews per country. The Tax Mapp can be downloaded for free from the App store and the Google Play Store.

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