Admission scheme for wealthy foreign nationals

As of 1 October 2013, it will be easier for wealthy foreign nationals to obtain a residence permit. Two conditions apply to this.

1. The wealthy foreign national has a capital of at least € 1,250,000

The origin of the capital will be checked. The IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) will carry out a standard check into the question whether the foreign national is a risk to public order/national safety. The wealthy foreign national must submit an accountant’s statement which shows that it has not become evident that the capital to be invested comes from a mala fide origin.

2. The wealthy foreign national invests at least € 1,250,000 into the Dutch business sector

NL Agency, a division of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, will assess whether the investment will add value to the Dutch economy, for example, by creating more jobs. 

The residence permit will be granted in the first instance for the duration of one year. After that year, the IND will check once more whether the conditions of the scheme are still being met. In other countries, such as Ireland, France and Canada, similar admission schemes regarding wealthy foreign nationals exist, which also include the condition that the foreign nationals actually invest money.

You will find more information on the (dutch) Immigration and Naturalisation Service website  or view the English version.