Baker Tilly Berk celebrates its 100 year anniversary!

This year, Baker Tilly Berk is celebrating its 100 year anniversary, together with clients, relations, colleagues and employees. Together 100: together, they have made Baker Tilly Berk into the company which it is today.

The company was set up in 1914 with the first business branch in Nijmegen. “Since 1914, entrepreneurship has been part of our DNA. Our client portfolio, our international network and the expertise that we have available ensure that we continue to develop. In collaboration with our knowledge partner Nyenrode Business University, we are doing research among family companies. In this way, we not only keep each other up-to-date, but we can also offer optimum advice to our clients and remain focused on the future”, says Romke van der Veen, chairman of the Board at Baker Tilly.


Since the foundation of Baker Tilly in 1914, the firm has changed its name several times. The name changed from Vekemans & Bothof to Vekemans &, then and finally Baker Tilly. Van der Veen: “We have grown to become one of the top ten accountancy and tax consultancy firms in the Netherlands. The demands from the client have changed in recent years. The entrepreneur of today expects much more than just the completion of annual accounts. He is in search of answers to business matters. Questions about growing or investing in new developments. About a business transfer, or legal issues to do with a takeover, for example. We have people available for all these specialisms. And we engage our colleagues abroad if an entrepreneur wishes to do business outside the Netherlands. Since we visit small and medium-sized businesses on a daily basis, and we are ourselves are entrepreneurs, we are most familiar with what occupies an entrepreneur. Baker Tilly makes running a business a promising prospect.”

View of running a business

On the occasion of our anniversary, we are carrying out research into ‘the view of running a business in the Netherlands.’ The results of the research will be presented at the beginning of June. Van der Veen: “With a history of 100 years, it is the future that we are looking to! And progress begins with insight. Not just insight into the figures and the business operations, but also into the opportunities and developments within the sector, in a national and international field. In this way, we really make entrepreneurship possible!”


This year, at various branches of Baker Tilly attention will be paid to the anniversary. On 12 April, from our oldest branch in Nijmegen, the first anniversary event will take place at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem.